Newsletter No. 38/2017

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Press release Platform of European Memory and Conscience 27.10.2017

Prize of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience 2017 goes to Mr Ilmi Umerov, Crimean Tatar leader in Ukradne

Prague, 27 October 2017. This year’s Prize of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience will be awarded to Mr Ilmi Umerov, deputy head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People in Crimea, dissident and political prisoner in the USSR and in Russia-occupied Crimea who is just being released from custody and returned to Ukraine today. The Platform member institutions and organisations voted to give the prize to Mr Umerov in recognition of his struggle against totalitarianism, for the ideals of democracy, fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law. 

The Prize will be awarded on 8 November 2017 in Paris, France during the Platform’s conference “100 Years of Communism. History and Memory.“

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