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Czech Republic

  • "It was not decided by people from the practice. Covid was not run by doctors, but by politicians," says the former chairwoman of the ethics committee of the Czech Medical Chamber

    Iverwell 12 cena 2 USD"If this drug (hydroxychloroquine) had been used at the beginning of the pandemic, it would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives that were needlessly lost. It was suppressed for a year while patients waited for vaccines. Whatever we think of vaccines, this lost year led to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths of patients who could have been treated. And this is at the heart of the whole pandemic. That it was not so much about protecting public health, but about selling vaccines and patented drugs at huge profits to the pharmaceutical industry with the collusion of the FDA and the CDC. And that is what we have been fighting for the last two and a half years. Not with the virus per se, but with our corrupt response to the virus."Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at Yale University.


    According to Helena Stehlik, M.D., the use of drugs "was not decided by practitioners, but by politicians."

    "The fight against ivermectin was incredibly strong and it was worldwide, it wasn't just in this country, it went like a carbon copy all over the world," says Dr. Stehlik. The positive results of the trials "had to be blocked, otherwise they wouldn't get vaccine authorisations, because if there was a cure, they wouldn't get an EUA, which stands for emergency use authorisation."

    "The cost is high compared to other countries, because in India, a covid treatment cost about two dollars," the doctor alludes to the good results reported, for example, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where local authorities successfully tested ivermectin in spring 2020 and, as of 20 August of the same year, it was officially approved for the treatment of patients with covid-19 and also administered as a preventive.

  • 17.11.2023: We are living in a new totalitarianism, it has returned in an even more dangerous form, it operates covertly

    Havel Vaclav Hrad"The inherent disadvantage of democracy is that it ties the hands of those who are honest about it immensely, while it allows those who do not take it seriously to do almost anything."

    Václav Havel


    "... Along with Václav Klaus, Havel was one of the two Janus-faced faces of the Czech nation: he embodied what we wanted to see ourselves as (but what we were not at all), whereas Klaus expressed what we were (but what we did not want to see ourselves as)....

    Tomáš Pecina


    "Democracy eventually results in mob rule."



    "Democracy is not built by the descent of the elites to the level of the mob, but by the elevation of the mob to the level of the elites."

    Gustave Le Bon


    "If there is a stalemate and a frozen conflict, we must honestly say that our children will fight, or our grandchildren. We have already lost a great many people. We want to live in such a way that we raise children who will then definitely fight."

    Volodymyr Zelensky


    We don't have an elite that we have liquidated ourselves. The new one likes to learn the old ways. I am reminded of other ways in Switzerland. The government has seven ministers. They elect a "media" president from among their ranks for a year. The ministers are not allowed to use their cell phones, they are not allowed to talk to each other, the meeting room is secured against eavesdropping. The deputies meet three times a year. They know the dates a year in advance (except for special sessions). They have their civic occupations and are paid only for necessary expenses. They do not appear in the media - they have to work. Citizens wouldn't care. They vote for parties based on how they make their living. I wonder how many of today's citizen legislators would practice their professions under those conditions? Recently a representative of an African country was in Switzerland and wanted to experience the popular vote (Landsgemeinde). The cantonal leadership announced that it would be a good idea to raise taxes. They were approved. The African wondered, "What, they approved higher taxes?" I would have voted for it too, but not in the Czech Republic. The Velvet Revolution only necessarily and legally continues the previous "evolution"... JŠ

  • An interview with Josef Mašín, a connoisseur of the world and a man of firm, unchanging moral principles

    Masin Cesta avers 2022"The main role of history is to prevent virtuous deeds from being forgotten,

    and that bad words and deeds fear a shameful reputation with posterity."

    Gaius Cornelius Tacitus


    How do you actually see contemporary Czechia, its political leaders and the society here?

    The current Czech Republic is represented by the current president, who was elected by people whose roots still go back to the communist dictatorship. These people have limited their choice to a choice between an intelligence agent and a StB agent. Neither Pavel nor Babiš had a problem with the fact that this communist regime murdered and abused its own people. I consider Pavel's position in the past to be more serious than Babiš's. The Czech Republic, a former member of the Soviet bloc, still has continuity of laws with the cannibalistic communist regime. The Czech Republic has established a continuity of laws that guarantee impunity for communist murderers and for those who have stolen the property of their fellow citizens to keep that stolen property. The first president was elected by the communists themselves, the second president was from a communist family and the communist party allowed him to study abroad. The last two presidents were also in the Communist Party.

    The Czech Republic is still waiting for a charismatic leader to emerge and lead the country out of the mess it is in 35 years after the so-called Velvet Revolution.

    You were not even in the Czech Republic for the premiere. Have you already completely rejected a visit to your homeland, or are you waiting until we have a non-communist president?

  • Another execution ordered, this time against the town of Čáslav

    MU Caslav IIIn the recent past, we have reported on executions against various state bodies - for example, against the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and also against the Prison Service.

    Now, another execution has been ordered, this time against the town of Čáslav, or the Municipal Office of Čáslav.

    Pelikanova ArankaIn this case, it is possible to specify who is responsible for the execution - JUDr. Aranka Pelikánová - the office of the secretary of the Čáslav Municipal Office. This official repeatedly issued illegal decisions which were revoked and subsequently did not respect the fully binding, final and enforceable decision of the superior authority. NOTICE OF INITIATION OF EXECUTION

  • Chartist and political prisoner Jiří Gruntorád began a hunger strike in front of the Government Office on 17 November 2023 at 17:00

    Gruntorad Hladovka 17.11.2023Jiří Gruntorád (* 21 September 1952, Prague) was a signatory of Charter 77 since 1979, a publisher of samizdat literature, a member of VONS; in 1980-84 he was imprisoned for subversion of the republic. It is shameful that Chartists today have to go on hunger strike for minimum pensions, while former StB members and high-ranking Communist Party officials enjoy high pensions - even for their contributions to the liquidation of Chartists and political prisoners. After the fall of the communist regime, he became the founder and director of the Libri prohibiti library of samizdat and exile literature. He is also the author or co-author of several publications on exile literature and a member of the scientific board of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes. Czech TV Events were silent about the hunger strike. Today, well-known civil activist John Bok will join the hunger strike from 17:00. More and more people are supporting Mr. Gruntorad. He doesn't need anything at the moment and "feels like in paradise":-) "

    There's no way it can't!" Tomas Bata


    Jiří Gruntorád started a hunger strike on 17 November 2023, symbolically at 5 pm, in front of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic for the resignation of Marian Jurecka from the post of minister.


    Statement by Jiří Gruntorád:

    Dear friends,

    Signatories of Charter 77, but also non-signatories (of course, my letter concerns more signatories). Last January, when I sent you a letter from Petr Pospíchal together with a government resolution on the anniversary of Charter 77, you could read in Petr's letter the following sentence: 'Let us hope that these values will be reflected in action'. The truth is that they have manifested themselves, and in an unexpected way.

    Full Article in Czech>

  • Confessions of the psychopath Blažek, Minister of Justice of the Czech Republic, or it "rains" less in a restaurant than in a car...

    Blazek a hospoda

    Updated 27.8.2023: Dear Mr. Šinágl, I cannot forgive myself for not commenting on the BLAŽEK matter. As I know his history somewhat well from a citizen in his neighborhood, I agree with your statement that it was not raining in the restaurant where he went for shelter as it was outside ...


    "In order not to give cause for wild, unsubstantiated speculation and conspiracy theories, I refused a third drink together and decided to leave the restaurant and head home."

    In conclusion, I would like to point out that I have no reason to meet in public with a person reasonably suspected of collaborating with an enemy power. If I really wanted to meet Mr. Nejedlý, I would do it in such a way that no one would ever know. And you can be sure I will next time. Thank you all for your attention and for the support you gave our coalition of change together in the last election. And now you can all... you know what." Read more HERE.


    It's conceivable that both gentlemen have had enough of the "magpies" that this could have been a chance encounter. They were reminiscing about "normal times" from when they weren't in politics. The tongue loosens quickly, and thanks to alcohol, time passes differently, including reduced self-control... It could have been a kind of subconscious "mental hygiene", so that one does not go mad, or go crazy from the way one lives, or is forced to live. But that doesn't interest the citizen. Such actions of the Minister of Justice are unacceptable and untenable. He should resign immediately or be asked to resign by the Prime Minister. This would presuppose that representatives of so-called "good morals" prevail in the government. We can hardly expect that under the present circumstances. In time, it is not at all out of the question.

    Psychopaths, living in their bubble, have completely lost touch with reality and normality. Woe betide the country that gives them power and can do nothing but criticize and wonder - this is no longer a description of the minister's mental state, but a DIAGNOSIS of the moral decay of society- truly "Inedible"!

    Full Article>


  • Czech Gestapo - Mobility Execution EU-Registration number 27.11.2018

    Exekucni koncentracni tabor

    (On the left - the Execution Concentration Camp of the Czech Republic - over 800,000 people in execution or insolvency. On the right, a meeting with President Václav Havel at the exhibition Chechnya The Final Solution, which I had brought from the EP, where it was banned. J.Š.)


    Prime Minister Andrej Babiš Czech Television April 16, 2021: "Execution is one of the largest smelly affairs created for us here by traditional political parties."


    Cecna Sinagl HavelAfter 2 years I finally got a video from the executor Mgr. Jan Beneš, when he no longer had to make excuses and lie (I submitted a letter from the Czech Execution Chamber). He also refused to have a look at it. He sent it to me in five parts. What you see in the video, it was not allowed by the Gestapo or the Communists in the 1950s. The state has also transferred its responsibility to the moral mob, which behaves accordingly. Bailiffs have greater powers than the Parliament. For those who cannot withstand these 1,5 lasting attacks on freedom of speech, the following brings the essentials. A mobile home foreclosure took place when the house was mortgaged.

    Emergency Financial Support Needed for Sodales Solonis z.s.

  • Czech Republic 2023: Debtor paid, yet lost his house

    On the same day the debtor paid his debt, the insolvency administrator sold his house. Through her husband and without an auction.

    This created a paradoxical situation where the creditors are satisfied because they got their money. At the same time, the trustee has the proceeds from the sale of the house in her account, which she should give to the creditors. But they have already officially withdrawn their claims. In fact, the insolvency court has already ruled that the debts to the creditors have been settled. The former owner of the house, who owes nothing to anyone, is to move out. The state-protected bailiff mafia in daily practice. JŠ

    Full story>

  • Czech Republic: Government Commissioner for Human Rights ends on 31 January 2022; proud of her work

    Valkova HelenaThe media reported on 7 January 2021 that the Government Commissioner for Human Rights, Prof. JUDr. Helena Válková, CSc. (hereafter referred to as the Commissioner), will end her term of office on 31 January 2022:

    "I am proud of my work, I think that a lot has been achieved." (1) But not everything has been done. See some examples:

    Compensation for protective supervision

    On 11/1/2020, 6 men who were illegally sentenced to protective supervision under the previous regime approached the Commissioner to take steps to seek appropriate compensation for this unlawful harassment. (2)

    The Commissioner took a sympathetic view of the proposal and on 26/3/2020 told Daily N: "It is our debt.... I am glad that this debt will be repaid, at least I hope so. And I will certainly convince my colleagues in the Chamber of Deputies of that." (3)

  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Illegal arms exports fuelling killings, mass rape and torture

    12. 3. 2004: Preventing the export of conflict diamonds in the Democratic Republic of the CongoAn interesting documentary about the conflict in Congo - diamonds and arms smuggling. The triangle concisely describes the situation. In Kinshasa, where Viktor Lorenc, the current Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Morocco, once served…

    * * *

    Amnesty International report. At the end, the Czech Republic is also mentioned - arms exports. At the same time, Congo is on the list of UN and EU banned countries?! J.Š.

    * * *

    Kongo zoldneriLarge quantities of weapons and ammunition from the Balkans and eastern Europe are flowing into Africa's conflict-ridden Great Lakes region, despite evidence of their use in gross human rights violations, according to new research issued today. The shipments have continued to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) despite a peace process initiated in 2002 and a United Nations arms embargo.

    In a detailed study, Amnesty International reveals the role played by arms dealers, brokers and transporters from many countries including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, the UK and USA. The study traces the supply of weapons and ammunition to the governments of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda and their subsequent distribution to armed groups and militia in the eastern DRC that have been involved in atrocities amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    "Millions have already lost their lives during seven years of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Armed men are still raping, looting and killing civilians -- as arms deliveries continue. If the international community, the UN and neighbouring states fail to halt this proliferation, the fragile peace process will collapse with disastrous consequences for human rights," said Kolawole Olaniyan, Director of Amnesty International's Africa Program.

  • Fiala's Christmas speech, another fairy tale for adults...

    Fiala vanocni projev 2023 Listening to it, I remembered Fial's professor at grammar school, who prophesied him a promising career, but not a professional one... He states the familiar, does not motivate, does not stimulate, does not acknowledge the real state of the economy and the total breakdown of morals in society.

    The Christmas speech is more like a grammar school pupil's essay exercise, devoid of emotion, of convincing visions, soulless, with childish gestures in a vain attempt to impress. It is not a personality speaking, but a „reading machine“, like the President of the Senate. How can the Prime Minister know that it won't get worse? The Police also claimed that there is no danger after Klánovice... The President of the Republic still has a chance to really address the country in his New Year's speech....

    We are facing a crisis and it is bound to grow - we cannot live forever on debt! Today's times need new Bata's, Churchill'sand Reagan's, real leaders and personalities the people do not doubt. JŠ

  • Finally, a worthy candidate for President of the Czech Republic and a successor to Václav Havel - Karel Diviš

    Divis KarelGhandi jednotlivec

    "The cause of the crisis is moral misery. The turning point of the economic crisis? I don't believe in any turning points per se. What we used to call economic crisis is another name for moral misery. Moral misery is the cause, economic decline is the effect. There are many people in our country who believe that economic decline can be remedied by money. I dread the consequence of this error. In the position we are in, we do not need any ingenious turns and combinations. We need moral positions on people, on work and on public property. Not to support bankrupts, not to run up debts, not to throw away values for nothing, not to extort the workers, to do what has lifted us out of post-war misery, to work and save, and to make work and saving more profitable, more desirable and more honest than idleness and waste. You are right, there is a crisis of confidence to be overcome, but it cannot be overcome by technical interventions, financial and credit interventions; confidence is a personal matter and confidence can only be restored by moral considerations and personal example." Tomáš Baťa

    P.S.The basis of everything is quality upbringing and education. It generates the true elite and pulls the country along if it is represented in the crucial places in the country. Karel Diviš decided to run because he had no one to vote for. JŠ


    I remind you that the president of Slovakia, Zuzana Čaputová, was elected only thanks to a month-long ban on promoting candidates before the election. She was elected by the voters, not by the media, otherwise she would have had no chance.

    How to choose a president - Probably the first question every voter should answer is: "Does the person I choose to vote for live for politics or does he live off politics?" The answer is obvious, because once democratically elected politicians succumb to the desire to make money from politics, either directly or by obtaining subsidies or exceptional status, they threaten its very purpose. A great politician, according to Hegel, is recognized by the fact that he does not promote his own ideas, but grasps ideas that are already in the world in an indistinct form and promotes them. Identifying these people, while not looking for the whitest spotless angel in a marketing quagmire of deceitful lies, gibberish praise and phantasmagorical promises, is exactly what democracy demands of a responsible citizen who goes to the polls.

    Unfortunately, there are still plenty of voters who are affected by the current media election campaign.

  • Fired MFA employee criticizes Minister Lipavsky for creating a pro-corruption precedent!

    Lipavsky Jan PiratBartos Ivan Pirat... As an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I prepared an audit report in which I drew the minister's attention to something that his party also claims - that the Ministry's selection procedures are not transparent enough. The Minister categorically rejected my conclusion (and thus that of his party). My audit report has disappeared. I became an inconvenient official and - to make matters worse - the poorly depoliticized service law made it easy for the minister to get rid of me. A few months later, my boss quit too. He was replaced by a loyal person from the management of the audited department. …

    Full Article in Czech>


    The Czech Embassy in Vienna called in the Austrian police so that Šinágl would not "disturb" the speech of Minister Lipavsky

  • How can the Czech Republic and the EU contribute to solving the crisis in Tibet?

    Kunchok Jinpa citatZa protest zavrazdeni ve vazbe"Even if they attack me, I am not afraid, even if they kill me, I do not regret it. But from now on, I will not report."

    Kunchok Jinpa, April 2013, date of death 6 February 2021


    I attended this international conference international conference by invitation. The absence of the public Czech TV was not surprising. I was surprised by the absence of Senate President Miloš Vystrčil, who did not find time to greet the participants of the day-long conference, at least by video. I was surprised by the absence of the flag of Tibet, next to the flag of the Czech Republic and the EU. I urged the organizers - it was installed and 2 ½ hours after the conference started...

    Analyza 35 veznuTenpa Iarphel Jan Sinagl Thinlay ChukkiChina is thinking 30-40 years ahead. Tibet and Hong Kong are in the same threat and situation. The West is still unaware of the danger. 157 Tibetans have been burned to death since 2009! It was an honor to meet Tibetans and Hong Kong people. I managed to make personal contacts with almost all the foreign guests, including young diplomats from the MFA of Czech Republic. I attach the Program - Biographies of the Tibetan participants- List of 50 environmentalists - Press release of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile and a small FHOTOGALLERY. You can view the Senate one HERE. I couldn't find the Senate video?

    I exclaimed at the end: "Where is the Czech TV? That is the point!"

  • I had no idea what I was getting into. Organized crime, the police, the courts, state capture and the human botton

    Horacek TomasThe turning point began on the day of the takeover, when it was obvious that someone was fighting back. I was denied access to the company. What I don't understand, and never will, is how this precedent could have been set, and with the involvement of the police. As a layman, I find it unbelievable that this could happen at all. This is an organized fight by several groups going over dead bodies and, dare I say, beyond the law. The legal and physical force from Mr. Horacek is that of the highest level, with lawyers from both the creditors and Mr. Tetera's own using each other with the sole purpose of robbing the FCC of a bank account and through the archives of creditors with a book value of 1.3 billion. The courts did not act for four months and the police put everything on hold, saying there was no crime. I won't judge... I don't want to be involved in whatever follows and be held responsible for something I don't even understand, including the consequences. Surrounded by lawyers with their own interests and the interests of whoever pays them. after Jaroslav Ptáček defined himself against the Tomáš Horáček group, he was quickly removed from all the companies Horáček controls and replaced by his crony Jindřich Štercl. When the police will intervene in these economic malformations of the coarsest grain, no one knows exactly...

    Full Article in Czech>

  • Josef Mašín: "There behind the rainbow" - about the situation of today's world, and about us !

    Masin Cesta avers 2022"The main role of history is to prevent virtuous deeds from being forgotten,

    and that bad words and deeds should fear a shameful reputation with posterity."

    Gaius Cornelius Tacitus


    Most Czechs soon after November discovered that pork belly tastes better than freedom after all...


    The award is hypothetical, says Josef Masin of the chance of honours from President Pavel

    "Eighty-nine percent of potential voters, according to recent polls, have - even if out of ignorance, including presidents - a negative attitude toward our actions. The awarding of honors by this president is hypothetical. " - "Our case has become - through no fault of our own - a litmus test for elections to high office in this country. This litmus test is a reliable indicator for both parties. For me, it shows the state of the Czech Republic 33 years after the Velvet Revolution." Josef Mašín

  • Lamia Essaadi - Fédération royale marocaine de tennis - supports the former consul in Morocco, Mrs. Jana Chaloupková

    Lamia AssaadiCasablanca, 21 February 2020

    Ref: Miss Jana Chaloupkova

    Miss Jana is a great diplomat and I am so happy to know her. I have written my statement in October 2019 for the MOFAs inspection and I am ready to give my testimony any time, any place. Currently I am workingChaloupkova Jana V in Al Ain in Emirates as tennis trainer but you can contact me via my mobile phone on whatsup.

    Miss Jana is the best diplomat I have ever met. She is very friendly and she gives positive image of her country. She supported my championships in the Czech Republic not only by granting me the visa, but with her spirit and smile and putting news on the internet. I was lucky to win there and I am pleased that we have an active exchange of sportsmen between Czechia and Morocco, so many championships – also in the area of handicap sportsmen. My colleagues from handicap tennis players group talk about Miss Jana too. She supported some sport events with her gracious presence, she gave them motivation, especially she inspires us – women, because in Muslim Morocco it is not always easy. We represent the new modern style and some radicals do not like it. Our best handicap tennis player got even threatening messages on her facebook and Instagram after a very successful TV interview. There is also sometimes jealousy and envy playing its role, our society is a male society and we slowly start to gain our place in the life.

    * * *

    Najwa is a modern Moroccan girl - European style thinking and dressing. She likes fashion, she enjoys music and dancing. She has a positive spirit. She appeared at many TV programs thankx to her success as handicaped tennis player. She won many tournaments all over the world including Czechia. She has courage and strong will. In comments to her internet appearances she got even harassed by radically thinking people f.e. "pay that dog has bitten your face too". Very unhuman comments. Najwa is training with her trainer who lives in Spain. She represents the new modern lifestyle, new Morocco. She needs our support! We wish luck and succes, not only in tennis but all her life.


  • Louis de Funès et la langue Arabe ,,, et le Massage

    Chouaib BrhaddaWord for ex-consul Jana Chaloupkova by Chouaib Brhadda, moroccan journalistDopis z Maroka F

    „Oui c'est ça  .lute pour ton présent et ton avenir..lute pour ta famille maman et papa Tu es et tu le sera toujours, Une grande Femme de Valeur. On dois faire savoir à tout le monde..ta valeur tant que femme despris et humain et culture et ta valeur tant que diplomatique de haut niveau! Oui c'est ça  .lute pour ton présent et ton avenir..lute pour ta famille maman et papa Tu es et tu le sera toujours, Une grande Femme de Valeur. On dois faire savoir à tout le monde..ta valeur tant que femme despris et humain et culture et ta valeur tant que diplomatique de haut niveau!“

    * * *

    Droite: Letter de remerciments pour Madame Jana Chaloupkova de salon de mode a Rabat Creations Salma qui a organisé un defilé de mode pour les 60 ans des relations diplomatiques entre le Maroc et la Tchequie en juin 2019.

    * * *

    It was my pleasure to take part at Air Arabia Funtrip to Prague in November 2019. I am very thankful to Air Arabia airline and Miss Jana, former Vice-Ambassador at Czech Embassy in Rabat who arranged it. Please enjoy some of my reportages about Prague. Music from the heart, In the arms of Prague, In Prague with Louis de Funes.

    Prague was a popular destination for Moroccan tourists and hobeymooners. We were so happy to have direct line from Casablanca. I lived for many years in Spain but Prague took my breath. I hope to come back. But with coronacrisis we can travel just via films like mines. Morocco is still closed.

    Miss Jana opened a new world for me-world of history, art, culture, high developped society to inspire us. I wish her good luck. She must fight for her present and future, for her parents. She is a Women of Great Value. Not only woman but Diplomat with big D. Her works speak for her.

    Prague trip was short but full of inspiration and some humour too. I found even Arabic invitation to city tours and Louis de Funes accompanied me around. You rrmember that scene from funny story about Saint-Tropez polcemen? Just like today - needing to please the boss....

    Lamia Essaadi - Fédération royale marocaine de tennis - supports the former consul in Morocco, Mrs. Jana Chaloupková


    Iustitia kresbaLelek JanEs ist mehr als dreißig Jahre her, dass die Herrschaft der Arbeiterklasse in diesem Land beendet wurde. Ein anderer würde eher sagen, die Herrschaft des Arbeiterpöbels, der Mörder und Diebe. Eine Regierung des Volkes, die nicht davor zurückschreckte, die Fähigen, die Fleißigen und die Erfolgreichen (wieder) zu bestehlen oder diejenigen zu bestrafen, die anderer Meinung waren. Aber die Bolschewiki sind bis heute nicht nur nicht von den Straßen unserer Städte und öffentlichen Veranstaltungen verschwunden, sie sind vor allem in den Köpfen der Menschen geblieben, die die Diktatur des Proletariats nicht einmal selbst (richtig) erlebt haben.


    Lelek JanIustitia kresbaIt has been more than thirty years since working class rule ended in this country. Another would say rather the reign of the working class rabble, murderers and thieves. A government of the people that did not shy away from (re)stealing from the able, the hard-working and the successful, or punishing those who disagreed. But the Bolsheviks have not only not disappeared from the streets of our cities and public functions to this day, they have above all remained in the heads and minds of people who have not even experienced the dictatorship of the proletariat (properly) themselves.