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Robin Hood, Juraj Jánošík, Jiří Paroubek. Každý kulturní Čech ihned pozná, co tito tři hrdinové mají společného, ačkoliv žili na staletí od sebe v rozličných společenských systémech. Bylo to odvěké, utopistické, a proto nesmyslné řešení rozdělení hmotného bohatství.

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Karel Havlíček Borovský
26. června r. 1850

KOMUNISMUS znamená v pravém a úplném smyslu bludné učení, že nikdo nemá míti žádné jmění, nýbrž, aby všechno bylo společné, a každý dostával jenom část zaslouženou a potřebnou k jeho výživě. Bez všelikých důkazů a výkladů vidí tedy hned na první pohled každý, že takové učení jest nanejvýš bláznovské, a že se mohlo jen vyrojiti z hlav několika pomatených lidí, kteří by vždy z člověka chtěli učiniti něco buď lepšího neb horšího, ale vždy něco jiného než je člověk.


„Komunismus znamená v pravém a úplném smyslu bludné učení, že nikdo nemá míti žádné jmění, nýbrž aby všechno bylo společné, a každý dostával jenom část zaslouženou a potřebnou k jeho výživě. – Bez všelijakých důkazů a výkladů vidí tedy hned na první pohled každý, že takové učení jest nanejvýš bláznovské, a že se mohlo jen vyrojiti z hlav několika pomatených lidí, kteří by vždy z člověka chtěli učiniti něco buď lepšího neb horšího, ale vždy něco jiného než je člověk.“

Karel Havlíček Borovský ve svém časopise „SLOVAN“ 26.7.1850


„Lepší je být zbytečně vyzbrojen než beze zbraní bezmocný.“

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Sinagl Jan webMeasures due to coronavirus in the Czech Republic are still tightening. Face masks are required in the enclosed spaces, concerts and large events are canceled. The number of infected has already exceeded three thousand per day. How do you evaluate the development?

Irrationality prevails in the behavior and actions of those responsible. The number of infections detected and evaluated by increasingly challenged methods only frightens people and creates a sense of danger that does not correspond to the real situation.

Were you surprised by the resignation of the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (YES)? How do you think he managed coronavirus crisis?

I wasn't surprised, it was only a matter of time. For the chaos and confusion of the measures, someone had to take responsibility for those who caused them by their inability. He did what he could. Given the situation and conditions in the state administration, it could hardly be done by another minister better.

What confidence do you have in the new Minister of Health, Professor Roman Prymula, who will take over after Vojtěch?

I do no trust the new Minister of Health. He didn't get a security clearance. He was dismissed by former Minister Němeček on suspicion of multimillion-dollar business as the director of the hospital with his daughter, when today he seriously claims that if there was something to it, it would be investigated a long time ago. In addition, he was a member of the Communist Party and the Emergency Regiment of Public Security, which only illustrates his moral profile. I quote the words of a respected doctor: “The Minister of Health and Illness will be the convicted fraudster and thief V. I. Prymul. A university professor who has practically never practiced his field. A health care manager and health care organizer who has no idea about practical medicine. And not to mention academic medicine.

While the Czech Republic relaxed the measures after the first wave of measures, various countries in Europe have retained the obligation to wear a mask. Was the disintegration too fast from your point of view?

It was fine. People could exhale and start living normally again. Face maskss in the summer would cause even greater damage, not only health, but above all mental.

Jan Farský (STAN) described the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) and his colleagues as "confusing papals". Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09) for liars. What could be criticized about the government and what is the other way around?

It is a completely new situation that other ruling parties would manage, or not manage, similarly, if not worse. The prime minister is a capable person, but he pays for the poor quality of the state apparatus and his colleagues in the government. If Miroslav Kalousek calls someone a liar, it is, given his past, rather the praise of the attacker.

Chaos. A word that is widely used with government action in a pandemic. Right?

The state administration is abundant - too many officials, laws, regulations, powers and no personal responsibility. This necessarily results in chaotic, hasty, ill-considered decisions contrary to common sense.

The prime minister also faces criticism that he decides according to voters rather than experts' recommendations, which affects the whole situation. Is there anything wrong with that?

The prime minister has the greatest responsibility, unfortunately he is dependent on the abilities of others, whose incompetence then falls on his head. Of course, voters also play a role, otherwise politics would not be politics. Let's see how regulations in schools are issued and changed without hesitation, and how carefully the government literally zigzags over regulations in restaurants and pubs. It used to be said: A government that makes beer more expensive will fall.

The coronavirus cost the Czech Republic 500 billion crowns. How do you see the management of public finances in these difficult times? And will the government use the money meaningfully?

I am afraid that only a small part of this money has been used effectively. There is constant talk of a major health threat, to which the actual situation does not correspond at all. On the other hand, the economic damage is already enormous. It cannot be ruled out that the consequent damage will endanger the health of the population much more than the virus itself.

The seniors were given respirators and drapes in their boxes. How do you rate this step?

Completely useless. All retirees certainly have masks in sufficient numbers. Can we just hope that the products of fraudulent companies were not distributed, when the state got rid of low-quality goods?

And what about the so-called aid that retirees have to receive? The opposition demands that seniors with above-average pensions should not receive money. They also criticize that, unlike others, the costs to seniors have not risen. What do you think about it?

It is not fair to add the same to all pensioners in the same way - it is discrimination against those who live on the edge of the subsistence level. The threshold for financial assistance should be set. Retirees with higher pensions do not need any help in an emergency. Unfortunately, that border is a political problem that the government is getting rid of with a comprehensive solution. But that would be on another topic - the character of the citizen, the maturity of civil society, the willingness to sacrifice and give. By the way, ordering children to wear masks is a clear crime against the child's soul, as is closing primary schools.

How do you view the current situation in the world?

Chinese exports to European Union countries by rail are a record! The world must have gone really crazy. Perhaps we have to stop going to work and cause far greater damage not only to economic but also to lives. A small example: You take a test, you pay for it, you are negative, then you meet hundreds of people, are you sure you are still negative? Where did common sense and logic stay? The trade in drapes and potential vaccines is just blooming. Why should we get vaccinated when there are so demonstrably few deaths purely on covid-19?Will we save ourselves by stopping working? I do not believe the current surveys that the majority of the population supports the masks, as Czech Television has told us. I have not met anyone who would support the wearing of masks, on the contrary, they complains and swears everywhere. I recall Winston Churchill's statement: „I trust the statistics that I falsify myself the most“.

Common sense has no room. The question arises, why is that so? Is anyone trying to manipulate humanity connected to different boxes to go in a different direction? People stopped communicating with each other naturally, humanly. They are all the more prone to manipulation, to gradually reprogram their thoughts and behavior without knowing. Here we must begin if we are to survive and begin to behave and live normally again.

What solution do you propose?

The future of the world will be decided by water, energy, and ultimatem nature, if humanity is not capable of a radical change in the way it thinks, behaves, that is, lives - its last solution was often war. There is no need to declare a state of emergency or emergency - we have been living in it for a long time. We suicide the climate, resources, flora, fauna and waste energy uncontrollably. We are constantly talking about its great need and consumption and we do not realize that we would produce the most energy by saving it, when we are still wasting it incredibly. In fact, we are not threatened by any virus, but by our thinking, which, thanks to purposefully spread fear, has completely changed the virus and turned off the natural instinct of self-preservation. That's the main danger, not the virus itself. It belongs to one of many. We artificially induced fear to give him qualities that he does not have by far.

It is necessary to abandon the self-destructive path of maximum profit, unestablished prosperity and consumption, which does not make us happy and cannot. Let's start communicating naturally, humanly together, build self-sufficient, strong and independent regions, invest in education, strengthen the middle business as the basis for a truly strong economy based on environmentally sustainable development. Let us limit the very risky export of manual labor, let us maximally support the path that will lead to the export of, above all, the labor of our heads,  with great added value and less dependence on other countries.

Almost a hundred years ago, the company Baťa showed us that this is possible. It is no wonder that the system of his work and the education of his collaborators is once again being taught at universities arend the world. He was able to create a community and civil society, which was the basis of the success of the company and the whole region. We have a recipe for a solution here. It is necessary to renew proven traditions that will bring the necessary personalities to places where they will serve the country for the benefit of us all. It is up to us to take advantage of today's opportunities and win over the coming economic crisis. It will not work without hard work and rigidity.

Tomas Bata said: „Do not imitate. Be in the lead!“


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"If all mankind had the same opinion and only one person disagreed, the majority would not have the slightest right to silence the individual. Like that individual, he would not have the right to silence the majority, even if he had the power to do so. "

John Stuart Mill (1806–1873) in his book "On Freedom."

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