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Urbanek JiriClovek a strachText Dr. Jiří Urbánek, MBA, former manager of the pharma - business of Covid - manipulation

I am honored to provide a blog space for my friend Jirka Urbánek, a former farm-business manager, author of a book with the distinctive title "I won't let my head shit." Coronahysteria is a unique example of the manipulation that the medical-pharmaceutical, political-media complex develops on us. We can only defend ourselves effectively if we recognize his weapons of influence in time. Thank you Jiří for the brilliant analysis. We can verify what he writes about in everyday practice. I recommend careful reading. Warmly. Jan Hnízdil


Cui bono: for whose benefit, or why the covid vaccine is a godsend for selected companies and their associates.

I have spent almost twenty years in the executive management of pharmaceutical companies focusing on sales and marketing, such as Pfizer, Teva, Johnson & Johnson. I created local and international marketing strategies. I provided professional support from the so-called opinion leaders, influencers, ie doctors who spread the "right" ideas and which others listen to and follow. I was looking for official recommendations and opinions on product promotion. I want to show you how pharmaceutical marketing works if it has massive resources and is linked to politics.


Pharmaceutical companies are commercial companies. There is nothing wrong with that. The aim is primarily to ensure a profit for investors, owners and shareholders. Therefore, it may happen that some great medicine does not reach patients in a certain country, because the authorities of that country (in our country SÚKL) are not willing to pay a sufficient amount. You don't want to pay, we won't let the drug into the country. What about patients, you ask? Patient is a word you will hardly hear at a sales meeting of pharmaceutical companies. You will hear mainly the words sale, potential, market share, profit.

GONE IS THE TIME OF "UNIQUE GOLD" MOLECULES, MASSIVELY USED AND PAID BY "GOLD". This is due to the fact that patent protection has expired and companies are irritating each other with prices. In addition, over the next 10 years, patent protection will expire for other drugs, each of which has generated annual sales of billions of dollars. Governments also understand the need to save and reduce payments. The result is lower prices and thus profits.

A HANDLE OF NEW, REALLY INNOVATIVE MEDICINES ARE MADE ON THE MARKET ANNUALLY. Companies are fighting for the rights to such medicines, buying either licenses or entire smaller companies. This again reduces profits. These are further limited by the current system of regulation, reimbursement, demonstration of the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of new medicines, limits on the promotion and marketing of medicines.

THE DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW DRUG IS A RISK LOTTERY. It takes 10 to 15 years, the cost can reach hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, of the 100 "promising" molecules, lower units enter the approved drug phase. It is necessary to find ways to reduce costs. One option could be to significantly reduce research time.

CONVINCATION BY TRADITIONAL METHODS DOES NOT WORK FOR ALL DOCTORS, AND SOME OF THEM REFUSES THE “AMAZING BENEFITS” OF NEW DRUGS. Most physicians keep their distance, treating according to their conscience and the interest of the patient, not according to the requirements of drug manufacturers. It would be beneficial for pharmaceutical companies, often hospitals, to eliminate doctors' decision-making powers.

A separate chapter is the ban on the promotion of prescription-only medicines (Rx) to the general public, which is valid in Europe. (US has different legislation). This limits the marketing reach to the end user. However, there are drugs that may have an exception, such as vaccines. It is ideal to break this barrier and promote the drug Rx to the general public. And that's exactly what happened secretly.

IT IS NECESSARY TO CREATE A SPACE FOR THE ENTRY OF NEW TURNOVER FACTORIES. This can be, for example, the covid vaccine. Ideally mandatory, with regular revaccination, expensive for users, cheap to manufacture. Anyway, with a guaranteed price and sales. For common medicines, you will find out how much the system will pay for them (just visit the SÚKL or MZČR website). You won't find it so easy with vaccines! Of course, you will not even know the flows of goods, who is interested and where the margins go. Production costs can be significantly reduced by shortening the testing time and reducing the complexity of the tests. What would not pass in times of certainty can be presented as an "acceptable course of action" in times of crisis. As in the case of covide vaccines, conditionally approved without completion of phase 3 studies. There has not been a similar massive breach of the defense mechanisms set up to guarantee the safety of drugs. Approval, both temporarily and conditional, is a lottery win. Why? It is paper that entitles you to use it. Market entry is important. This creates the first wave of profit. Any little-tested vaccine (studies are still ongoing) may mean that we do not know what will happen to the vaccinated in the medium and long term. Despite assurances about safety. Even if dozens of laboratories and research institutes are involved in the development, time cannot be fooled. If I want to speculate, it may be of interest to create a large number of patients who develop complications after receiving the vaccine. For example, autoimmune diseases. And such patients will need to be treated. This creates a second wave of profit.


  1. INVENTING IDEAL DIAGNOSIS, or that there is no healthy person, are poorly diagnosed or poorly tested. Covid demolished the basic paradigm of clinical medicine. The standard procedure is: I have an individual with clinical symptoms, I examine him and then I use auxiliary methods to make the diagnosis more accurate, or to identify the causative agent. And I target treatment accordingly. However, this approach does not offer significant potential for the sale of "preventive" solutions. Because "treating" the healthy is more cost-effective than treating the really sick. If success is measured only by a change in a laboratory parameter, it is much more advantageous for the business. We therefore need to move clinically healthy people to the category of "sick" people in need of treatment. To do this, we must omit the phase with clinical symptoms and elevate the laboratory examination to the position of absolute diagnostic truth. By putting a parameter above a certain level (where a quantitative methodology plays a role) or a positivity (in the case of a qualitative analysis), I call him ill. This creates the potential for treatment and sale of solutions, ie powder, injection or anything else. By "deleting the pen" you will make a lot of healthy people sick patients. Imagine that an acceptable (healthy) level of a parameter, such as cholesterol, is reduced by 20% from day to day. Of course, it will be based on "evidence", expert opinions, etc. The result is that suddenly a group of people will emerge who were healthy yesterday and should take medication today - hypolipidemics. Money is just pouring in ...

In the case where "illness" depends only on positivity or negativity, it is necessary to ensure that as many people as possible are tested positively. Therefore, set the diagnostics correctly. For PCR tests, you can play with the Ct value, or you can use the methodology to look for something that everyone can find. And suddenly we have a lot of positive, that is, rhetoric of official places, infected. That they have no symptoms? This is not about, it is about being the basis for declaring a crisis. However, the clinical picture is important to close the circle. So what are the clinical symptoms of an ideal "diagnosis" for marketing purposes? Best of all, completely common, one that everyone can observe. Fever, runny nose, cough, fatigue, joint pain ..., something that can be associated with many other similarly acting pathogens. Which, of course, if differential diagnosis is reduced, also makes it possible to present severe conditions and possible deaths from other diseases as a result of a new threatening disease. In combination with the aforementioned increase in PCR positivity to the infallible confirmation of a possible death sentence, we have successfully completed the first phase.

Some experts have some crunch resulting from not quite kosher.

  1. VISIBILITY OF THE PROBLEM AND CREATION OF THE NEED TO SOLVE THE SITUATION. This is ideal for arousing fear. This requires finding allies and motivating those who will spread fear and panic to support the apocalypse. Forget the fight between good and evil. That is, "bad" pharmaceutical companies that want to "milk" public budgets and heroic defenders of good, ie independent medical and professional organizations, secured by state medical agencies. They are all, at least in the field of vaccination, probably on the same ship. Did you know that there is a GAVI organization? It is an organization whose website you will read: “Gavi draws on the strengths of its main partners, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It also works with donors, including sovereign governments, private sector foundations and business partners, professional and community associations, religious organizations and vaccine manufacturers, and national governments. ”

This system provides excellent coverage, allows you to eliminate uncomfortable views. And motivation? Let's allow other stakeholders to generate a profit. Diagnostic kits or protective aids do not compete with drugs, so let's earn them. It won't hurt us, we'll just get supporters. If politicians are also involved in the "campaign", there will be no need to worry about possible interventions by control bodies. For example, because the vaccine is promoted by senior government officials before it is approved, and this "advertising", in addition to contradicting official medical information and vaccine documentation, does not meet the requirements for advertising medicinal products! This phase also includes obtaining professional credit. You need experts to defend your idea. And if those you wanted to use don't get involved? Then you create your own "experts". What about the fact that they know nothing about the issue, or deal with it only theoretically. No problem. The media cooperates with us and they will help us create a camouflage of expertise. If there is a "professional society" for the issue and you are able to agree on support with its representatives, it is won. And it can easily be a society that covers an untested field, has a few dozen members, some of its leaders have "butter on their heads." The important thing is that it has influence, and its "stamp" can be presented as evidence of the truth. And in fact, if some experts have some crunch resulting from not quite kosher collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, the better. He knows how it goes and can be better negotiated with them.

The average citizen is used to trusting the authorities and does not examine their competence. We will create scenarios, methodologies and instructions for these authorities on what to say. The media will give it the right emotional charge. PCR positive = infected. PCR positive car accident victim = victim of covid, catastrophic predictions of death rates and many others. The Allies will "conjure up data" to create an apocalyptic scenario. But what if it happens that real experts do not want to play our game and boldly refuse to remain silent? Simple. We will not give them space. Expert discussion is disadvantageous for us and we cannot accept it. Because we would not defend the procedure professionally. If we have the leverage for real experts, we will scare them, if we do not, then our friendly journalists will "put them behind their ears". We're deleting the inconvenient information as best we can. It is necessary to keep in mind that there must be at least a piece of truth about every manipulation… and that piece will then defend even those fabrications. Negative media massage, supported by "experts". Fear alone, but may not be enough. It is necessary to complicate people's lives and throw them into uncertainty. People must be frightened and poisoned before they are offered "salvation." Otherwise they wouldn't want her.


Before selling in bulk, especially for a new therapeutic variant, it is necessary to have a sample and "practical" evidence of effectiveness. Studies are not enough, it is necessary to have evidence from everyday life. Ideally for a group that is perceived as at risk. That's right, either seniors or children. The children would not pass, so we will choose seniors. If the use of the solution in this group is medically defensible, the better. This is the piece that gives the rest of the manipulation a legitimacy that can be used for subsequent promotion.


We have a diagnosis, panic, expert opinions, a proven solution and people who already want to live normally and would like to be vaccinated. But before you offer a solution, you need to question and eliminate alternatives. We need to give the impression that only our solution will work. Any signs of an alternative to our therapeutic or preventive variant should be torn to pieces. It is important to eliminate everything that could be effective, but especially what is free or cheap. If the "apocalypse" has no other solution, we must be content with what we have, even if it is not thoroughly tested and studies are not completed. The situation can be complicated when, at the height of the campaign, when the public is willing to stand in line for vaccination, the vaccine is not available in sufficient quantities. Then there is no choice but to prolong the appearance of the apocalypse. Another problem is that, despite censorship, conflicting views are leaking and people are starting to ask questions, especially questions starting with "why". Because he sees a clear contradiction between the real situation, the media image, professional and political proclamations. Then repressive measures will need to be stepped up to increase the willingness to accept a solution. Not for medical reasons, but for normal activities.


The winner takes it all, they say. Every day without competition, with an exclusive or dominant market share, means huge revenues. It is strange that information appeared at an early stage that one of the vaccines was causing blood clots, the other plant had mold and stains on the floor, and the vaccine from the East was unacceptable. It is necessary to find a defect in the competition. It doesn't matter what it is and how serious it will be. It is necessary to cause fear, ideally for the end consumer. So there is a need for friendly influencers to report that side effects can be present at all, but our product is safer.

  1. EXPANSION OF MARKET POTENTIAL. MAKE BUSINESS SPINNING. The business is just beginning. It is necessary to find ways to justify, or force, the use of as many people as possible. Now is the time to recommend media experts that will show how great and safe the drug is. It is not important that these recommendations are in direct conflict with the vaccine documentation. For example, vaccination of pregnant women is widely recommended, while documentation (the most commonly used Comirnaty vaccine) states that “data on the administration of the vaccine to pregnant women are limited. Reproductive and developmental toxicity was evaluated in rats. Comirnata should be considered during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the mother and fetus. ' And it is also recommended for other groups for which it does not make medical sense. People do not get vaccinated because they are afraid of covid, but because they want to live normally. We do not address suitability, need, safety. And what if the vaccine turns out not to work the way we thought? That the practice denies the declared high efficiency presented in conditional registration? So we turn it into a business opportunity. We will apologize for some force majeure that we could not influence and offer a solution in the form of another dose. Maybe more doses. There is no risk that the regulator and other authorities will think that the product does not meet expectations, cancel the registration, terminate the contracts and hold the manufacturer to account. The pressure needs to be increased so that more and more doses are still given. Possible side effects are downplayed, because there aren't that many ... They are tactfully concealed that only a fraction of side effects are reported, rather units of percent. This gives the impression of greater security. Other opportunities need to be devised. How, in addition to getting the product repeatedly to as many people as possible, still expand the market. We do have animals here. The "necessity" of their vaccination can be justified. All you have to do is dust off the original theory of transmission from bats and apply it to other animals - carriers. No need to dwell on evidence. Another few million doses sold are within reach.
  2. THE BUSINESS IS STARTED, LET'S FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE. WE HAVE ACHIEVED THE TOP, LET'S LEAVE IT OWN WAY. When we reach a situation where the use of our product becomes an accepted standard, it is time to focus on something new. Profit was created, contracts concluded, the regime of mandatory use is set. There is no value in spending more money. We are done and we can start looking for a new diagnosis. We may still advise governments to stop paying for the drug, but to leave the obligation to use it. Why? In order to maintain the flow of money and at the same time there is room in public budgets to pay for a new miraculous treatment, which we will come up with next. However, they set the people back ...

Dr. Jiří Urbánek, MBA, originally a veterinarian, who worked most of his career in managerial positions in the pharmaceutical industry. He trains managers and sales teams both in the Czech Republic and in other countries, and also acts as a business consultant. She teaches students of management MBA programs. He is the author of the book "I won't let my head shit - Emotional sales for a better life" (Czech Republic, 2017) and co-author of the book "The Power of Mental Wealth" (USA, 2020) LinkedIn author profile - HERE



How far we have averted the collapse of healthcare by a hair


J.Š. 14.8.2021

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 1.00 (3 Votes)


-1 #4 Jan Šinagl 2021-08-15 10:48
The truth on earth is necessarily relative, we can only approach it. It is all the more difficult the more information we have not been aware of.
-1 #3 Jan Šinagl 2021-08-15 10:47
Prof. Hana Zelená has isolated him countless times. Like many other virologists.

Simon Reich
-2 #2 Jan Šinagl 2021-08-15 09:08
Den patentierten Covid-19-Virus gibt es wohl nur auf dem Papier und er kommt in der freien Wildbahn gar nicht vor. Das Ding konnte jedenfalls noch nie isoliert und in Reinkultur gezüchtet werden. Andrew Kaufman USA hat alles zusammengetrage n und festgestellt, dass weltweit 40'000 Versuche fehlgeschlagen sind, den Covid-19-Virus zu identifizieren.
Wir hatten also zwischen Februar 2020 und Januar 2021 wohl einfach die üblichen Grippe-Epidemie n, die man zur Panikmache ausgenutzt hat.

Gerhard Ulrich
-3 #1 Jan Šinagl 2021-08-14 15:18
Outrageous bullying of untested children.

From September, he spends all his classes in respirators or veils, "preferably" separated from his classmates. If they refuse respiratory protection, they are not allowed to go to school at all.

This is absolutely unbelievable, embarrassing and stupid. What is the logic of bothering children and endangering their health by covering their airways when they spend the same time together before and after school together without veils and respirators?
What is the logic of a similar measure in a situation where adults (their parents and grandparents) have not undergone anything like this for a long time and are in companies without any tests or protective aids?

How can someone want to prevent children from accessing mainstream education again?

To be specific, I quote from the media: “For children who are not tested for preventive covid-19, a veil or respirator will be mandatory at school at all times. If they refuse, they will not be able to participate in full-time education. … The Ministry of Health will recommend that schools provide a separate room for refreshments and reserve their own sanitary facilities for these children and pupils. ”

Where the hell are we?

How can anyone even afford to come up with a completely bullying measure that excludes some children from the collective? Can these people think with their heads and figure out what such a push will do to a fragile child's psyche?

Government experiments will once again take away the most vulnerable and the most expensive for us.

Ivo Valenta

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