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"The problems that exist in the world cannot be solved by the level of thinking that invented them." Albert EinsteinBurzaZena a deti


We have an omicron here and a bit of a repeat of the March 12, 2020 situation. The script is being written to unsettle and roil the markets. Individuals and corporations have money, assets, cash to buy.

How do you want to buy at good prices?

If there was no covid, no one could afford to buy a big company at a good price. We can talk about any company in the world, even banks. You can also buy a bank, a gas company, a media company, a cruise ship, or a company that has a whole fleet of ships, etc. cheaply with these "covid games". It all feels like a social experiment, which already happened last March. Let us not be naive that the prime ministers of countries and economic experts do not know this. A technician, a doctor, an electrician, etc., will be much further from understanding. Now it has happened again, it is a reality and a complex thing where the market is being manipulated. Fifty experts may look at Covid differently, they will have some "truth" when the necessary formula applies. It was valid a year ago, just as another formula is valid today.

How it works in terms of the market and world capital

It is traded on the world's exchanges by the spillover of money. A perfect example of manipulation is Elon Musk, owner of TESLA. What he has done he should not have got away with in a normal civilisation, but he has.

Elon Musk posted a question on Twitter: "Should I sell 10% of my stock?" Anyone could have chimed in with "sure Elon, sell it and maybe more shares." They clicked off selling the stock and then he did indeed sell 10% of the stock. He's going to pay huge US income taxes because of this. He'll have billions more in his accounts as a result.

This case is worth detailing over time - minutes, hours, days - what has been going on and happening on an ongoing basis. An amazing play that would be worth publishing as a stage play. It would certainly be very entertaining for people, including children. It would surely be welcomed by the governor of the state where the taxes are paid as a contribution to that budget.  Even the UN Secretary General has taken notice and asked Musk if he would like to solve the hunger on earth? Another game was played, with the UN working in parallel to prepare a literal manual for Musk, a procedure for what he could do to really solve the famine. Gen. Secret. The UN published it and sent it to Musk two weeks later. The plan called for about $100 billion. It was quantified exactly where the money was to go. Of course, it's an incredible illusion.

The shares that Musk sold (as a rhetorical question, just to give you an idea), you hold shares of TESLA, which anyone can buy on the stock market, even at half the price, if it's all expensive to you. As a shareholder, how would you view the news that the company would sell 10% of the stock? Is this positive or negative news for you? This news is clearly negative at the moment for owners of the company's stock! The news says that 10% of the shares will be traded on the stock exchange. There is a huge overhang of demand. The supply will drive the price of the company down.

It happened, it's documented in the charts

That's where the stock market is great, when you can't hide anything. The price of the company is down 20% in the short term. Experienced people in the stock market and in world trade know these patterns very well. Among them, journalists have discovered Elon Musk's brother. He had bought a huge chunk of Tesla stock. What did his brother do? Before Elon Musk started selling, his brother sold all his Tesla shares. Why, because he knew his brother would do it and he was serious. So his brother could sell his shares in time at the peak of their price, when the price dropped 20% in 2-3 weeks. He could have waited, had the money in his account, and bought 20% more Tesla stock. That's reality, that's what actually happened. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's traceable. It's been reported by the BBC and Reuters.

U.S. stocks are now at an all-time high and need to be downgraded

Anything can be invented, even a new war - maybe against Omicron and see what it does to the stock market. The news that he was the first to be infected in Germany caused the entire German stock market to end down 4 ½%. The Austrian stock market reacted the same way in one day. All the European stock exchanges fell. VW shares fell 4-5%, SAP shares fell 3%. Such is the fundamental impact of the news of one infected in Germany?!

The companies suffered no losses, but the emotions and nervousness of managers who hold portfolios and capital on the exchanges are being played on. They get scared and just sell because there are big drops. Airlines have written off 12% of their assets in one day, such as Air France. These are processes that repeat themselves.

It happened last March, and it's happening again today.

Why should we as a civilisation try to invent something new when we have discovered something that works perfectly well. Even without warfare, things can be controlled. For example, on the German stock exchange, VW shares were worth EUR 100 million in one day before the covid, and normally around EUR 160 million during the covid. About a month ago, it was already worth 450 million Euros. If you divide this by the price of one VW share of 170 Euros, you can see the approximate number of shares that changed hands that day. That's the answer to the omicron. And we are talking about half a billion Euros of one company on one stock exchange. You have German banks, railways, RWE, gas plants, power plants, etc. All these huge companies are traded on the stock exchanges.

On the markets, uncertainty and fear can be created in various ways

They can be created, for example, by a prime minister saying, 'We will introduce higher corporate taxes from next year', or by saying, 'We don't even know how we are going to set the taxes', just that it makes the market nervous, it can become a disaster very quickly. Think back to Black Friday on the New York Stock Exchange in 1929. Behind these big falls we must also look for big human misfortunes.

Capital is traded by corporations and individuals when the capital is not theirs. Today, you can even borrow to work and trade on the stock market. So you are not trading with your own money, but with other people's money. That's a huge bummer when you have 1:7 leverage, which is normal, and stock drops are 3% per day, which is a lot. So the equity goes down 21%. If you have principal, the bank will immediately "steal" or "splash out" and sell it to you at a price you would never sell it at. Then people take their lives too, as they did in 1929, including college educated people and dads from their families.

I have drawn my information from people who closely monitor stock market events.


All of this is part of the stock market and impacts our lives, directly or indirectly. Will humanity be able to stop this, or will it repeat in another, perhaps even worse, form the 'Black Friday' in New York in 1929?  

If we allow the world today to continue to be decided by people with a lack of good manners and common sense, we will not do well - even animals know when they have had enough. That's what 1922 will be about!

Everything was invented long ago and put into practice by Tomáš Bat'a - he managed to educate his co-workers and thanks to them also the company. Just adopt his system and start solving the accumulated problems of the world in a meaningful and effective way. Otherwise, the problems will solve us, or are already solving us!


Jan Šinágl, 30.12.2021


FOCUS BAŤA, Zlín, October 28, 2021: Tomáš Bat'a's still relevant message to today - contribution to the Glasgow Summ

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