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„Komunismus znamená v pravém a úplném smyslu bludné učení, že nikdo nemá míti žádné jmění, nýbrž aby všechno bylo společné, a každý dostával jenom část zaslouženou a potřebnou k jeho výživě. – Bez všelijakých důkazů a výkladů vidí tedy hned na první pohled každý, že takové učení jest nanejvýš bláznovské, a že se mohlo jen vyrojiti z hlav několika pomatených lidí, kteří by vždy z člověka chtěli učiniti něco buď lepšího neb horšího, ale vždy něco jiného než je člověk.“

Karel Havlíček Borovský ve svém časopise „SLOVAN“ 26.7.1850


„Lepší je být zbytečně vyzbrojen než beze zbraní bezmocný.“

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Although PPF comes from a small country like the Czech Republic, wrote Petr Kellner in his company's latest annual report, it successfully competes on the world stage. PPF's Home Credit is the world's largest consumer lender, he said, and it gave loans in China last year of €5.3bn. The New York Times put the growing Chinese debt problem on the cover of its international edition last week and quoted Moody's as saying that the stability of the country's financial system could be at risk. Figures from the Chinese central bank show that consumer loans have grown there by nearly 50% since the start of 2016. On Fri. of last week, China's banking regulator sounded the alarm against a possible consumerlending bubble. "We should learn from the lessons of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States," an official said. Although Petr Kellner comes from a small country like the Czech Republic, he's a world player when it comes to putting financial systems at risk.


Rusko Cina KoreaCommentary for 18 August 2017

The political preparation of the morale of the people is of decisive importance in present-day conditions, since the use of weapons of mass destruction in war imposes exceptionally high and unprecedented demands on the political morale of the population. - Soviet Military Strategy [p. 458]

Last Autumn Russia held a massive nuclear war civil defense exercise involving 40 million people. Russian TV explained, "Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow." Such was the rationale. Meanwhile the United States has no civil defense training for its population at all. Last February President Vladimir Putin ordered a "snap check" of Russia's armed forces, wanting to know if Russia's troops were ready for battle. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, "Special attention should be paid to combat alert, deployment of air defense systems for a time of war."

Solon s citatemGreetings,

I have been an independent Czech journalist for more than fifteen years. My goal has been to be the VOICE OF FREEDOM in the Czech Republic. I have many readers and supporters who read my social media Bulletins in Czech and my Newsletters in English and German. The independent news stories I write are based on solid journalistic research, interviews and logical deduction. Certain individuals and organizations do not want the public to know the truth about the important stories I write.

These individuals are now using the court to silence me. Since the 9th of May (2017) they have been applying pressure on me through court levies amounting to nearly 500,000 CZK -- they have attached my house, my land, and my personal bank account. These actions have forbidden me to disclose the details of the final decision of the court -- under the threat of further penalties. 

They are crippling my efforts to supply the Czech people with important news. My effort on behalf of the Czech people is now in real danger. I can't access my bank account (which makes it impossible for me to pay my bills), or to conduct business.

The elite who live in the shadows shouldn't be allowed to shut off the independent press because they don't like the news. It will take several more months until we reach the final court decision which is why I need your support today. They are fighting me and at same time are trying to silence the free press.

The work I do for the Czech people is important. I have worked every single day for the past fifteen years the benefit of our people. Remember, a free and independent press is a vital component of any healthy democratic society.

Please help me to ensure that we continue to have a free and independent press in our country.

Thank you!


Jan Šinágl, 13.9.2017    

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Kalina kniha aversThe Conquest of Cancer—a Long-Ignored Breakthrough describes the circumstances of a revelatory experience made by Dr. Karel Fortýn in 1957 and itsFortyn Karel fundamental scientific significance in the struggle against cancer.

Dear Sirs, I recommend your attention to the recently published book by Vladimír Kalina "Cancer Conquest - a Long-ignored Breakthrough" about the successful method of Dr. Karel Fortýn's cancer treatment, which he discovered 60 years ago and is still forever ignored by experts. Under the pressure of the public, clinical trials were already under way in 2001, and our medicine could become a major power in cancer treatment, but everything turned out differently and why? This is what you can read in the recommended book, alongside other important information about a successful cancer treatment, on 340 pages. The book is written in English. For information on how to order it, visit: www.atid-cancertherapy.com  - the most feasible delivery is via Pfund.

Let's do the math. If we use Andrej Babiš's figure for OKD, Zdeněk Bakala made a cool Kč 110bn on the privatization. But let's not take Babiš's word for it. Let's instead use Lubomír Zaorálek's figure of Kč 50-60bn in dividends. This is a conservative number for how much Bakala took out of the mining company and doesn't include such things as the Kladno and Ostrava apartments, plus other asset disposals. If Bakala paid roughly Kč 10bn for the company, that leaves Kč 40-50bn in profit, by Zaorálek's own calculation. This makes OKD roughly 800-1,000 times bigger than Babiš's Stork's Nest subsidy fraud. Yet according to PM Bohuslav Sobotka in court on Fri., the European Commission confirmed that the state's remaining stake in OKD was sold at the market price. Wait a minute. The state sold a blocking minority in OKD for Kč 4.1bn, yet Bakala was able to pocket Kč 40-50bn in dividends alone? And the EU Commission gave a rubber stamp that cleared the way for this? Somebody's figures for OKD don't add up. Either Babiš's, Zaorálek's or the ones confirmed by the European Commission.

Under the direction of Comrade Putin, President of the World, forward! Countries where tomorrow already means yesterday - and not like the dying America ... J.Š.28.8.2017


In 1985, the USSR gold reserve was 2400 tonnes. In six years, the number of ingots dropped tenfold, but after the August coup, the state bank of the USSR remained "only" 240 tons of gold. Former Chief of the Komsomol Viktor Viktor Mironenko later said: the party's accounts at that time were 11 billion dollars - money "made" Brezhnev on the oil boom. The Soviet Union has not yet collapsed, and the repositories in state-owned banks and currency accounts have turned out to be empty - dollars, gold, diamonds ... disappeared in October 1991. Mironenko himself said about money: "Somewhere they disappeared, they were probably stolen.“ … In 1999, a golden ingot with a stamp of the State Bank of the USSR appeared on one of the auctions in Hong Kong. In this case, the Chinese authorities immediately hit and the gold disappeared from the auction - along with the owner. ... In 1991, a series of mysterious suicides took place in Moscow. From the windows of their flats, three former managers of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the CPSU jumped one after another. Everything involved a secret plan to transfer party money to private accounts. Who has earned the immense wealth of the Bolshevik Party that has brought the Communist party deserving of suicide, and why does this story harden in our time? ... I recommend that you translate the entire contents of the article under YT in Russian using Google. J.Š. 28.8.2017)


Aster Karel“With great sorrow, my condolences go to his family and also to the extended family of Bata-men who took part in the building of the largest Czech investment in the Philippines in 1930's - the Bata Shoe Organization - only to give it up to help saving the Philippines,” says the Czech Ambassador Jaroslav Olša, Jr.


Mr. Karel Aster, the last living Czech Defender of Bataan passed away on August 13, 2017 after living last decades on Captiva Island in Florida, US. Karel Aster’s granddaughter Jenny Ellis Murray says: “Heaven gained an amazing man today. He was 97 years young. He will be greatly missed by those who were lucky enough to know him.”

Karel Aster was one from a group of 14 Czechs who volunteered to join ranks with Filipino and US armies in November 1941. Many members of this group came from the ranks of Bata Shoe Company employees, the first ever Czech investment in the Philippines that started in Manila in 1930’s. Smaller part was formed by Czech businessmen, and Jewish refugees from occupied Czechoslovakia. It also included personalities working in or with the Czech diplomatic service at the Czech Consulate in Manila. While all of the Czechs became prisoners of war, their families had to endure a life in difficulties, surviving in the wartime Manila with only scant resources, often not to meet their husbands and fathers anew.

Barbora RAFThe catalyst for this trip originated about six months ago when my 15 year old daughter, Barbora, had just had read a book about Stanislav FEJFAR – A Fighter Pilot’s Call to Arms’ – and we talked about the Czechoslovak airmen who had served in the RAF during WW2. From these talks, we felt that we should do something as our personal remembrance to those airmen. Because of the book she had just read, Barbora, suggested that we should take a sample of soil from Fejfar’s birth place at Štikov and take it to his grave at Pihen-lès-Guînes, near Calais, France. ...