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„Komunismus znamená v pravém a úplném smyslu bludné učení, že nikdo nemá míti žádné jmění, nýbrž aby všechno bylo společné, a každý dostával jenom část zaslouženou a potřebnou k jeho výživě. – Bez všelijakých důkazů a výkladů vidí tedy hned na první pohled každý, že takové učení jest nanejvýš bláznovské, a že se mohlo jen vyrojiti z hlav několika pomatených lidí, kteří by vždy z člověka chtěli učiniti něco buď lepšího neb horšího, ale vždy něco jiného než je člověk.“

Karel Havlíček Borovský ve svém časopise „SLOVAN“ 26.7.1850


„Lepší je být zbytečně vyzbrojen než beze zbraní bezmocný.“

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Zdrojovy kodFoundation stone of modern Cyber security. Cecurity must be the basis of the system, not an add ̄ on


Bata Jan Antonin a TGMMuch of what has been written in the media on Jan Bata can be classified as fake news.  Fake stories because they are based on either political or economic interests who had an interest stopping the commercial success of Jan Antonin Bata and his enterprises. It does not require much investigation to see through the façade.

Let's start with the example of the Wage and Hour Division's investigation against Bata back in 1939-1940. The development of the case can be seen through the FBI report that followed.

First, the person who brought the claim against Bata was a former employee named Walter Buskey of Hickory, Maryland. He brought his complaint on July 13, 1939 with the support of a number of unions. According to one FBI report, "It was noted that inspectors of the Wage and Hour Division of had been unable to locate this complainant." In other words, the primary complainant Walter Buskey could not be found or interviewed. But, that didn't matter, the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor continued the complaint against Bata based on Buskey's allegation along with the supporting complainants of the unions. 

Dreams avers McNavaraThis essay draws on the author’s new book Dreams of a Great Small Nation: The Mutinous Army that Threatened a Revolution, Destroyed an Empire, Founded a Republic, and Remade the Map of Europe (Public Affairs, 2016).

An educated person today may be forgiven for thinking, like the author of the Book of Ecclesiastes, that “there is nothing new under the sun,” at least when it comes to history.  Hasn’t every fact been unearthed, every story told?  Perhaps, but historical episodes can find themselves first neglected, then forgotten.  Such is the case with a story whose 100th anniversary approaches.  Lost between the lines of the multiple histories of a tumultuous time, it began as the final horrors of the First World War melted into the growing chaos of the Russian Revolution, the fate of four empires hung in the balance, the United States and its Allies bungled a half-hearted attempt to reverse the course of Russian history, the Soviet Union was born, a fragile peace declared, and the map of Europe re-drawn.

All rights reserved to BBC. This documentary focuses on the extrajudicial and organized violence carried out against minorities after World War II, chiefly among them the 10,000,000+ German civilians who were expelled from Eastern Europe after the war and the at least 2,000,000 who fled under pressure from the Soviet advance. Similar events were experienced by Finnish, Polish, Ukrainian, Caucasian, and other minorities in the course of expulsion. The controversial subject of Soviet war rape is explored. Although the Red Cross estimated at least 2,000,000 deaths among German expellees, the more substantial estimate is around 400,000.



A Short History of the Communist Party– The Organization and Structure of the Communist Party - Full Membership Lists.

76 pages of  interesting reading. I recommend page 71 - on membership growth from 1924 to 1960!


Jan Šinágl, 1.4.2017

Platforma LOGO“The fundamental statements made so far by the German criminal prosecutors are groundbreaking for the victims of the Czechoslovak Iron Curtain, because so far no official or academic office in the Czech or Slovak Republics has dared to state that these are imprescriptible acts,” says Platform Managing Director Neela Winkelmann.

Prague, 27 March 2017. The Platform of European Memory and Conscience has received two letters already from German prosecutors concerning its comprehensive criminal complaint of 18 August 2016 on the killing of refugees on the borders of Communist Czechoslovakia. According to the German Federal Prosecutor General, the killing of refugees was an international crime. From the point of view of the prosecutor’s office in Weiden the killing of refugees suggests murder from base motives on the level of those responsible for the system of the border protection.

JAB Karel AsterWe just returned from spending some time with Karel Aster at his home on Captiva Island, FL.  He was a Czech patriot from WWII. Shortly before his capture,JAB Worlds Fair New York 1939 he had been working with the U.S. Army.

Karel Aster is second from the left in the front row of the first image. The photo is from his graduation from the Bata school in Zlin, circa 1936. Karel regularly played ping pong with J.A.Bata.  I did  short video interview with Karel and asked him about his memories with Bata. He still has a very accurate memory.

Tautz HartmuthBratislava / Prague, 13 March 2017.In a breakthrough decision, the district court Bratislava I. decided today to fully rehabilitate Hartmut Tautz, the 18-year-old refugee  who was killed by border guard dogs on the Czechoslovak border with Austria in 1986. Hartmut’s family is entitled to a compensation by the Slovak Republic. The Platform of European Memory and Conscience welcomes the court ruling as a first acknowledgement of a criminal offence committed by killing the refugee. Prosecution of the perpetrators must follow.

For 28 years since the fall of Communism, practically no justice has been attained for the killings of refugees trying to escape across the Iron Curtain in former Czechoslovakia. In its “JUSTICE 2.0″ project, the Platform has identified the killing of civilians fleeing to the West during Communism as a crime against humanity. The Platform has filed criminal complaints in Germany and Poland in the cases of killings of German and Polish citizens on the borders of former Czechoslovakia.

Prague/Tallinn/Riga/Vilnius/Warsaw/Berlin/Dresden/Bratislava/Ljubljana/Bucharest/Tirana/Kyiv/8 March 2017. On 8 March, the day recognised as International Women’s Day, the Platform of European Memory and Conscience calls for a minute of silence at 12.00 noon CET for the millions of women who fell victim to the Communist dictatorship.

The International Women’s Day, with its roots in the women’s worker movement in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century, was appropriated by the Communist dictatorships in Europe as an ideological holiday and celebrated in a pompous way. Red flowers were officially presented to women and alcohol was drunk on 8 March.