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KOMUNISMUS znamená v pravém a úplném smyslu bludné učení, že nikdo nemá míti žádné jmění, nýbrž, aby všechno bylo společné, a každý dostával jenom část zaslouženou a potřebnou k jeho výživě. Bez všelikých důkazů a výkladů vidí tedy hned na první pohled každý, že takové učení jest nanejvýš bláznovské, a že se mohlo jen vyrojiti z hlav několika pomatených lidí, kteří by vždy z člověka chtěli učiniti něco buď lepšího neb horšího, ale vždy něco jiného než je člověk.



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Clovek a strachPeople who grow up with a computer and a mobile phone can't think. They can find information, but they do not know the causes, they cannot act together and resolve conflicts. The digital world does not offer this, it is purely reflective, flat. It is addiction, loss of freedom, one's own activity and creativity that conditions the easy manipulation and control of people. More than half of people spend more than half of their time playing silly video games, texting or on Facebook. Certain centers are not activated at all in their brains like deep-minded people. We paid for the most valuable thing for fun and convenient information - freedom, creativity and peace of mind. Also a 30 percent increase in suicides and depression. Children grown up on technology do not know the essence of emotions, and when they get into distress, they have no human support. Children grown up on technology do not know the natural world of natural and human relationships. We make them sit at home and explore the world with a sterile flat screen. No wonder their world is then poor, two-dimensional. This is absolutely fatal and catastrophic for their emerging brains. The growth of laziness and comfort is related to the advancing mental and physical degeneration of the human race. The government broke the law, took a year of school and study for children and young people without relevant justification, and in our country the schools were closed for the longest time in the whole of Europe. There can be no justification - coronavirus is the least contagious for children, has negligible risks and there is no evidence that they transmit it. On the other hand, the consequences of one-year isolation through loss of education and the motivation to associate, socialize and grow lazily are dire. Who will add up the losses? A society that sacrifices its young people to save the old and the sick is doomed. Parental responsibility is exercised by the parents and its scope can only be changed by a court. At the same time, it is not the parents who decide on the children, but the politicians and the authorities.

We live completely unhealthily, and if we do not recover, we will be easier and more victims of increasingly serious diseases. The situation into which civilization has fallen requires nothing less than a turn to health - ourselves and the Earth. This is a challenge we are likely to face in fear. What about coronavirus? He laughs, plays and mutates twice in our fight. He knows what the government warriors have not yet understood - nature cannot be won over. The stronger we beat our weapons, the weaker the voice of the path to health, the more we increase our separation from life, which is the root cause of civilization.

In this case, rightly so, because we do not want to deviate from the centuries-old paradigm of changing the world around us instead of ourselves. We do not want to stop being ever more powerful and even more powerful, dependent and even more dependent, and being healthy on our own and for ourselves. We do not want to and we are afraid, because we suspect that no cosmetic change will be enough this time, that we will not be saved by new drugs, vaccines, insurance or reassurance, technology, European funds, loans or new investments, no external material crutches - unless we fundamentally change our approach to life. 

We are not only very afraid of death, but also very afraid of losing what we have gained, built and planned. However, there is nothing left but to let go of the old, obsolete one, otherwise we will not create a new space due to the old junk.

We learn to lose our whole lives, hoping to finally find what makes sense. A small and not very dangerous coronavirus can become the initiator and catalyst of the expected change, which we have felt the need for years, but we have not found enough energy to accommodate.

Fear has psychosomatic effects and increases morbidity. We destroy the health of children by isolation from school, exercise, friends. Especially among children, but also adults, laziness, apathy and obesity are growing. The current substitution approach to health, reliance on external solutions, is being strengthened.

As the situation develops, the causes of human concern and respect for government measures change. In the beginning, they stemmed from the disease, today more from the habit and difficulty of not complying with restrictions. However, some people follow official restrictions for another reason - the belief that good will be done.

The company is newly and irreconcilably divided by perhaps the deepest moat so far. It is no wonder that these are such deep motives as death, fear, restriction of liberty and other encroachments on fundamental civil rights, "scientific" mystification, manipulation of children and the elderly, power control.

We don't win yet, but it doesn't matter, we enjoy the fight itself. We enjoy coming up with new, modern weapons, such as letting third-graders go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Thursdays, or opening dog salons and closing the bakery. What about coronavirus? He laughs, plays and mutates twice in our fight. He knows what the government warriors have not yet understood - nature cannot be won over.

Research has shown that the use of social networks and internet entertainment produces the same addictive addictive substances in the brain as heroin use. And it is addiction, loss of freedom, one's own activity and creativity that conditions the easy manipulation and control of people.

New technologies are a great success also because they support the human tendency to laziness and comfort. They support passive consumption instead of their own creation, support a safe virtual world and displace the real world with its secrets and risks. The growth of laziness and comfort is related to the advancing mental and physical degeneration of the human race. In this respect, the year with coronavirus was extremely progressive.

Schoolchildren and young people, not the elderly, are the biggest victims of coronavirus, all the more so because, unlike the elderly, they do not make decisions about themselves. Why do adults allow measures to affect the lives of children and young people the most destructively? How is it possible that such damage is ordered by the state and allowed by the state's parents? Is it ignorance, fear or egoism?

While primary schools receive at least some public attention and university students do not get lost in life, the situation of high school students seems to be closed. At this age, socialization is essential for the healthy development of young people. They are also easy to manipulate, often in vain looking for positive authorities and quality role models.

In schools, there are daily exhausting matches on the friction between the state, teachers, parents and pupils or students in the "application of measures", such as resistance to the harmful harm of wearing veils. Compared to the state's fight against coronavirus, these matches are much less visible, but in reality more serious.

Personal contact and getting to know the countries and their inhabitants through one's own experience should become a thing of the past and be replaced by modern internet communication technologies. Why wander around for a real experience when you only need to get to know the Earth and its inhabitants virtually? Last year's World Economic Forum's  Great Reset Transformation Plan response to the coronavirus crisis reads: "Physical travel will become largely unnecessary, everything can be emulated and virtualized."

Fear stimulates the worst human qualities. The state does not need strong police surveillance when neighbors are fiddling and reporting. People slammed a shoemaker in a small town, which took broken shoes for repair through a window in the winter, opened a village pub where a couple of uncles met at cards, and told police neighbors in an apartment building that several friends had come to celebrate a child's birthday. There are countless such cases, almost everyone has encountered them. This list of sad losses is only a fraction of the negative effects of fear.

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"Decades ago, virtually the entire ancient tradition was pushed out of education, not to mention the Judeo-Christian foundations of our civilization. The unfortunate consequences in the form of our lack of anchorage in cultural, moral and spiritual values, including the so-called social peaks, are becoming more and more apparent. If we now also lower the level of education in mathematics and science, that is, at least understand the basic principles of the material world, and thus undermine the very foundations of critical thinking, we will remove the basic defensive line of rationality against nonsense of all kinds affecting us on the Internet and elsewhere. In summary, by such a step, in fact - in the future in two to three generations - we will let the thought foundations of our civilization disappear. "

Karel Oliva, LN (Lidové noviny), 1.7.2021, The Last Word, Length of school attendance


J.Š. 5.7.2021

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