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    Vážený pane Šinágle, ještě jednou Vám chci poděkovat za půjčku.


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    Není podstatné kolik lidí sleduje informace, ale kdo a jak ...


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    Vondráčková s Michalem se na soudy obracejí často, vedou ...


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    A businessman from the USA wrote to me I don't know anyone ...


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    Napsal mi podnikatel u USA: Neznám nikoho dalšího, kdo by ...


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    Zdravim, pane Šinágl Ještě si někdo myslí, že ČR je právní ...


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Karel Havlíček Borovský
26. června r. 1850

KOMUNISMUS znamená v pravém a úplném smyslu bludné učení, že nikdo nemá míti žádné jmění, nýbrž, aby všechno bylo společné, a každý dostával jenom část zaslouženou a potřebnou k jeho výživě. Bez všelikých důkazů a výkladů vidí tedy hned na první pohled každý, že takové učení jest nanejvýš bláznovské, a že se mohlo jen vyrojiti z hlav několika pomatených lidí, kteří by vždy z člověka chtěli učiniti něco buď lepšího neb horšího, ale vždy něco jiného než je člověk.



„Lepší je být zbytečně vyzbrojen než beze zbraní bezmocný.“

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EU 20 otazka Hybaskova 15.4.2024EU 20 panel 1 Hybaskova Dostalova 15.4.2024On 15 April 2024, the Institute for Politics and Society held a conference on the topic of the Czech Republic's twenty years in the EU at the ARA Palace. There were four panels. I was interested in PANEL 3: The story of the EU member states that joined in 2004 with the panelist Jana Hybášková, head of the personnel department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Questions could not be asked directly, live, but sent in advance to the SLIDO app (at the end of each panel they were answered, of which there were a record 16). There was limited text in the app, so I divided one question into three. Only this panel was closed without a single question from the public and an explanation from the moderator. The public was silent, I was the only one who spoke, traditionally - see the audio recording of the "public debate", which was only allowed to listen, in both senses of the word. I had to run away to even manage to address Director Hybášková and to hand her questions, she did not accept them - not even the "opposition" panelist, MP Dostálová. Decent behaviour does not need to be documented, politicians can play it well in the media, when they "bury their nose between their eyes". This "unified flight" from the citizen and accountability of the opposing politicians, I have noted for the public and taxpayers. Illustrative of how politicians are afraid of direct democratic debate. In the media, they are fine - the viewer behind the screen is no Langer:-)

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PART XI Marocco Gate: Whistleblower Protection in the Czech Republic: When she exposed criminal visa dealing at the MFA, she was removed. Others are being promoted for their crimes

According to various surveys, the richest citizens of the Czech Republic are almost exclusively people who became rich through coupon privatisation funds or through individual privatisation projects. The "fathers" of Czech privatisation did not have the experience or, in fact, the education to make such a large-scale transfer of assets from state to private pension funds.

"So, of the money the state contributes to these funds, 65% is taken by private financial institutions for management - this is privatisation of public money into private pockets in the flesh."

In an essay entitled "The Biggest Expropriation in Czech History" published in 1995 in Listy No. 6, Nepil wrote: "It is difficult to guarantee that this injustice will not one day result in rebellion. A just privatisation could have prevented the possibility that in the future it might be necessary to forcefully enforce civil obedience."

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Ponomarenko MaximRead what real people have to say about their experience with Maxim Ponomarenko and see if he's the right choice for you. Our site is dedicated to providing objective and accurate information so you can feel confident in your choice.


The property speculator is taking advantage of a new legislative change that has removed the obligation for sellers to offer to buy out shares preferentially to existing co-owners - https://www.maximponomarenko.com/tag/maxim-ponomarenko/


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OS Kolin iDNES Sinagl 11.4.2024iDNES 17:18: The Kolín court on Thursday acquitted musician Jiří Vondráček, accused of damaging creditors. The judge concluded that he had committed no crime. Three of his co-defendants, including activist Jan Šinágl, were given probation for obstructing an official decision. The verdict is not final. Video: iDNES.tv

P.S. I made the point in the interview. I appreciate that everything that was filmed was published. More information will follow. Mgr. Jana Gavlasová, in a long-standing tradition, has once again demanded hundreds of thousands of crowns in compensation for the (non)pecuniary damage caused to her and her clients. Judge Mgr. Miroslav Vobořil recommended that the case be resolved in civil proceedings. "Family friend" "JUDr." Martin Michal (he claims that his parents perished in Auschwitz, he was born on April 1, 1956, his date of birth excuses him) and Helena Vondráčková, a certain Martin Majer ("stayed" abroad for a year until the misdemeanor proceedings, which I would otherwise have won, were time-barred), informed me, as is traditional, immediately after the verdict was handed down, that two more charges would be brought against me and, as Mgr. Gavlas sayed before. I would like to say to my own... So I am again facing two unnecessary interrogations at the Police Station in Beroun. The legal machinery of the MM Agency is a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records. Its finances are apparently inexhaustible...

By the way, Antonín Michal (Martin Michal's son) has not yet entered the 8-year sentence (billion-dollar tax fraud in the fuel trade, I assisted the Police in the investigation). He should have asked for a remission of his sentence due to his health condition. Should the court have refused? Interesting that there were no such secrets around the billionaire Roman Janoušek. When the Czech justice system tries the rich, whether businessmen or thieves, justice always has a hard time...

Freedom of speech and the public's right to information about public figures must not be restricted by anyone or anything if democracy is to be what it should be and not what it is today! Democracy is the actions of the able, not the idle chatter of the incompetent or the omnipotent. JŠ

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Vrbik O Batismu nadcasovem avers 2009Vrbik StanislavI am presenting a selection from the latest work of ing. Vrbik. It will be published in Czech and English as a guide how to live meaningfully and not voluntarily destroy ourselves and leave behind material, moral and spiritual devastation. The photo on the right is from my visit to his apartment in Zlín - THANK YOU Mr. Vrbik! JŠ


"Let's get rid of our smallness and greatness will find us" - "If you want to build a factory, build yourself first". "I didn't build the race. I built the people and they built the race." That would be quick and easy. It would be enough to distribute so and so much money, and there would be a beginning, like a housewife who puts a mat in the basket to lure the chickens. By donating money we achieve the opposite in man, because man has a longer memory than a hen. He begins to rely on gifts and not on himself. Here it is a question of morality, of education, of building self-confidence, self-discipline." Tomáš Baťa


Naturally. Crises are the result of a decline in morality. Something the Public Service does not even hint at

I shall be very glad if you will each find something for yourselves that you can use in your field for the benefit of the whole country. In our plant, everyone can easily learn about its administration and management. There are no production secrets with us. We spend a lot of effort and money on new research, but usually before we put a new invention to practical use, we come up with a better one. That's why we don't have a single patent to protect our inventions. We don't even have trade secrets. The calculations, the accounts of losses and profits, which in factories run in the old way used to be locked up by the bosses, in our factory are in the hands of the workers and orderlies. The workers, together with the shop foremen, calculate their share of the profit-sharing, but also the shares that accrue to the factory, and so the workers are informed before the directors what result has been worked with.

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REFLEX dite 10 2024In the final scene of the Coen brothers' black comedy "Burn After Reading", the astonished head of the CIA responds to the whirlwind of absurd situations, confusion and chaos unleashed by "amateur spies" by instructing his subordinate: "Report back to me when it makes sense."


We have already reported on this website about the ruling of the Prague-East Court of Justice of 15 March 2024, by which Judge Lucie Řezáčová deprived a caring and loving mother of the possibility to raise her two young children (4.5 and 6.5 years old), by de facto entrusting them to the exclusive care of their father. He will have custody of them for 26 days in a 35-day cycle, while the mother will only have custody for 9 days, i.e. 3 extended weekends.

The social worker (OSPOD Brandýs n. L.) also found this verdict insufficient and initially proposed exemplary punishment for the mother (who left a toxic environment with the children due to domestic violence). Namely - the mother would be allowed to have contact with her children once every 14 days from Thursday to Sunday and the following week 1-2 hours on a single weekday. The court softened the verdict somewhat, calling it, in a charming way, "alternating asymmetrical custody".

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An asymmetrical judgment totally against common sense and against children !

Ostrava Jana Domanska 27.2.2024Mazanek Jiri reditel NCOZAttached is a letter to the prosecutor of the KSZ Ostrava Mgr. Josef Šuhaj (7.4.2024), in response to his repeated rejection of my criminal complaint against Col. NCOZ (National Centre for the Fight against Organized Crime) Jaromír Šigut in the matter of possible abuse of authority of an official/police officer. This is being investigated with a service card in his pocket! Also striking is the tolerance of private contacts between Colonel Šigut and P. Bogdalík, a holder of a confidential security clearance and a person repeatedly punished for fraud, who first denies their mutual contacts at the GIBS (General Inspectorate of Security Forces) and then it turns out that they were in contact for about 5 months before the interrogation at the GIBS. Why and what reason did the recidivist Bogdalík have to conceal these contacts at the GIBS and immediately afterwards he met Colonel Šigut again, probably to tell him what he had testified at the GIBS, when Colonel Šigut was the last one to be questioned on 8 March 2022. All documented, but there is no will to solve it, they prefer to destroy one family to save their criminal associations. SCANDAL !!!!

Jana Domanska


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The director of the NCOZ (National Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime) Mazanek "responds" to a citizen's request on the same day in record time?! 

A mother and her son are bravely fighting against the criminal structures in the police and the judiciary in the Czech Republic!


The police and the justice system of the Czech Republic can often protect the rights of animals much better than citizens, with all due respect to animals. Certainly in this case. They act like animals, which unlike real animals, have no boundaries. If Judge Dr. Bochňáková can behave literally "like she is off the chain" and no one wants to address it, then something is very wrong in our country.

Indoctrinated brain aversIt attacks the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain. The spike protein shuts down the mental immune system by design. The solution to the brain fog that results from spike protein can be reversed with two simple ingredients, vitamin D and a micro dose of lithium, according to doctor Nehls. What happens next will decide if we can keep being ourselves or if we'll lose that forever.

See interview on the Tucker Carlson program, April 1, 2024: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPQDFdYOeS8

Book: The Indoctrinated Brain

The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom by Michael Nehls. Protecting Mental Freedom: Fighting Back Against Brain Attacks Around the world, mental abilities are declining, especially in young people, while depression rates are soaring. Additionally, Alzheimer's affects one in forty people, and the age it starts is dropping fast. But instead of fixing things, they seem to be getting worse. Is this just a coincidence?

An immature society is easy to manipulate. It is enough to induce fear, to promise the impossible, to appeal to instincts and emotions, and common sense has no chance.

Democracy is once again defeating itself. The mafia state can continue to "develop". Ján Kuciak would have the same theme today... Will there be new Kuciaks to reawaken the lawfully collapsing society? They are unwittingly serving power, against their own interests and the future of the country. Populist politicians can never permanently secure it. The legacy of totalitarianism has reasserted itself.

It all starts with quality upbringing, education and personal example in one's surroundings. What has been liquidated over generations cannot be undone in one. Without a free and responsible citizenry, there is no real freedom and democracy, and therefore no lasting prosperity. It is not about plebeian give and take, but above all about giving and the personal responsibility of everyone. Without the preservation of moral and ethical principles and values, every country ends, sooner or later. The big ones can always replace the lost elite, the small ones may not and will eventually disappear in history. The laws of nature are inexorable and just. Orba and Putin will surely hurry to congratulate... JŠ

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Slopne dva nevinniHow the prosecutor can anticipate the court's decision, it is not clear to the convicted that this is a corrupt, illegal procedure, is beyond doubt.

[26] This is followed by another letter from JUDr. Šada to JUDr. Foltýn dated 8 April 2014 (incorrect: 2024), in which this defence counsel informs prosecutor Foltýn that he withdrew the application of M. Rakaš, as it assumed that the conditions for conditional release after ⅓ of the sentence had been met, but the law does not allow it in this case. Mr Šáda asks that Mr Foltýn assist in the application for a further interruption of the sentence, and, as it says in brackets, "the KSZ in H. Králové can certainly act in this respect". The final greeting, which reads "In anticipation of further cooperation, I remain in perfect esteem", is also curious - if it may be noted somewhat wryly, the cooperation between M. Rakaš and L. Foltýn was undoubtedly close and of great benefit: in return for his false testimony, JUDr. Foltýn provided this witness with a service that other perpetrators of serious crime can only dream of.

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