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Masin Josef… Biden's gainful employment which involved the whole family, especially his sons and brother, is well known and has dragged on for decades. I don't think Biden will be able to stay in office for too long due to advanced dementia. I saw him on television several times last week, claiming that America has only 300 inhabitants.


Josef, you have long been a voter of the Republican Party. What do you say to the statements of Donald Trump, who, during the presidential election and even before the ballet counting said that the election would be rigged?

Over the last thirty years, the Democratic Party has gradually turned into a neo-Marxist and racist organization, where racial elements play a more important role than the social class ones. On January 17, 2017, after Donald Trump's victory and before his inauguration, President Obama called Vice President Biden, Susan Rice, James Comey (FBI), James Clapper (NI), John Brennan of the CIA, and some others to the Oval Office where a plan was formulated to overthrow Donald Trump. The FBI and CIA took on the task of dismissing the president using allegedly forged documents bought for eight million dollars by the Clinton campaign from a former British MI6 agent. The Democratic Party never recognized the legitimacy of Donald Trump's election and after Trump's inauguration its leaders called for to overthrow him which they officially attempted twice. Apart from Ronald Reagan, Trump was despite constant opposition and unsuccessful investigations by Democrats the most successful US president since the end of World War II. The Democratic Party and its financial backers have used all legal and illegal means to prevent Trump's re-election including manipulation of the census and changing election rules, and have hired 600 lawyers and initiated 320 lawsuits aimed at changing election rules that vary from state to state.


WATCH: Rand Paul Destroys ABC’s Stephanopoulos Over ‘Voter Fraud Big Lie’


Quite a wild script from my point of view. Did Donald Trump have specific evidence for these allegations or did he just follow some feelings?

Democrats through the courts which were inclined to them forced the Trump administration to remove any question in the census that would allow the legality of potential voters to be defined. According to the number of voters, the number of legislative representatives for a given area is determined and a process (gerrymandering) is enabled by which political parties try to get voters on their side. Similarly, during the last election of the president, postal voting was allowed without the possibility of identifying the voter, the voter himself did not even have to exist! More than 100 million ballots were distributed in the election with hundreds of thousands more ballots in many states than there were voters. More than tens of thousands of people who are already dead have voted. Until recently, the evidence was publicly available and was also discussed during Senate hearings. Investigating these frauds was commissioned by Special Counsel of the DOJ John Durham, appointed by Justice Secretary William Barr. Durham refused to release his findings before the election so the elections will not to be affected. Today, however, contributions about fraudulent elections are being removed and people are being blocked on social networks. Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have publicly admitted to such steps themselves.

Has there ever been a proven falsification of US elections in the recent past?

It is nothing new. Although, there has never been fraud on such a scale in the past, with so much aid of money and technology. In the past, it was the courts that dared to make decisions. This time, the courts did not dare to take this step. From January 2020 to election day alone, there were 172 Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots in the United States involving armed looting and arson, the occupation of police stations, the declaration of autonomous areas lasting for weeks, with more than 2,000 injured, two dead police officers, with more than 40 civilians dead, an attack on the White House, in which the president had to flee to an anti-nuclear shelter, and damages of more than $ 2 billion on insured property alone. Chuck Shumer, the leader of the Senate minority, stood on the steps of the Supreme Court threatening constitutional judges that they will pay for their consequences. Pelosi and Harris said publicly on television that the uprisings were good and would continue after the election if Trump won. It must be said that blacks are deliberately incited to unrest. Black leaders, backed by Kamala Harris, for example, said that the vaccines quickly made on Trump's orders were made to destroy the black race. Today, most blacks refuse to be vaccinated for these reasons. The judges were, of course, afraid, so they not only dismissed the lawsuits, but directly refused to hear the cases. They did not examine at all the evidence for fear of a possible revolution if they agreed with the Republicans. In Los Angeles and all major cities, all public buildings and shops were barricaded for fear that Black Lives Matter and Antifa would revolt after Trump's victory. Thus, no counter-revolution took place.

From an early age, I was led to believe that the USA will help us in the end and we will become a free country again. But can the United States continue to be a role model for non-free countries when, in your opinion, there is such a large-scale falsification of elections, where constitutional judges are threatened and African Americans are publicly incited to unrest?

Definitely! They will remain a role model in the historical context. Looking at the picture from Colleville-sur-Mer and thinking about it will tell a lot. But Ronald Reagan's America no longer exists today. Fifty million legal immigrants and more than thirty million illegal immigrants living in America today have changed the image of America. Freedom and democracy have reached their highest level in America. According to the immutable laws of physics if democracy exceeds its zenith it will turn into the dictatorship of the proletariat. America reached this point on November 3, 2020. The history of 1917, 1933, 1948 is repeated. In terms of history, January 6, 2020 in the United States is comparable to February 27, 1933 in Germany. For local oligarch Marxists and corrupt politicians in Washington, Donald Trump is still the most dangerous enemy, and they know that he was the one who actually won the election and that he would win the others if they were conducted lawfully. Therefore, they wanted to prevent him from further candidacy through impeachment. Trump received the most votes in the history of the presidential election! Evidence for those interested in facts is, albeit increasingly difficult, accessible. It is also easy to prove that President Trump offered the protection of the Capitol by 10,000 members of the National Guard before the events of January 6 took place. This and similar offers of help were rejected by spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi saying that they were Trump's SA, similar to Hitler's Sturmabteilung. The National Guard was also rejected because 81 percent of members of the defense forces reportedly voted Trump. This shortcoming, that is the inclination for Trump, has now been remedied by reintroducing the educational "Project 1619". This is not written about in the Czech Republic? The president himself, without the support of Congress and the governor, could not send the National Guard to Washington. He can decide himself only in times of war.

The U.S. Senate has recently ruled in favor of Donald Trump, saying by a majority he is not guilty of inciting insurrection. How do you perceive this decision of the Senate?

America is a constitutional republic governed by democratic principles. The President, members of Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and members of the armed forces have sworn to abide by and to defend the Constitution. Today in Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, they do not know what the term oath means. The second impeachment was completely unconstitutional just as the Supreme Court's unconstitutional conduct in the election despite the fact that all three new supreme judges swore on the Bible and were appointed by Trump precisely to abide by the constitution. The simple answer to the question of the correctness of the electoral process and the debate on the legality of impeachment is written in black and white in the words of the Constitution. The impeachment was a political farce where the words "peaceful protest" are interpreted as a call for rebellion. I highly recommend listening to Trump's entire speech in its original.

How do you assess President Donald Trump's actions on foreign policy? What was he most successful about?

After President Reagan, President Trump was the most successful in this field. Despite his opponents and allies, Ronald Reagan prepared for the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the end of Lenin's and Stalin's world communism. Trump's MAGA (Make America Great Again) doctrine was the first logical step to achieve his goals. Trump's solution to the Iranian catastrophe, a problem that Obama left unresolved, was the most important in the short term and is the most urgent today. Just a few days ago, Biden's CIA announced that the question of whether Iran would have an atomic bomb was only a matter of weeks. Trump was the first to dare to oppose the Chinese and their military and economic aggression. Trump persuaded his so-called allies, who rely solely on American protection, to also fairly contribute to their protection within NATO. Trump's success is also the end of the wars in the Middle East. Furthermore, the relocation and recognition of Israel's borders in the Golan Heights and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the recognition of Israel by Arab countries. Dialogue with North Korea potentially leading to a peaceful solution. The United States' exit from nonsensical treaties such as NAFTA, the Treaty of Paris, the Pacific Trade Treaty. However, thanks to Biden, these successes will not last long. Today, Israel faces an existential question of where Iran is taking it. An armed solution is only a matter of a short time.

Josef, but what do you say to Trump's statements about Kim Jong-un in North Korea and the bright future of North Korea?

I have no problem with Donald Trump's statements. He who does not recognize the qualities of his opponent is an idiot. Putin and Si Ťin-pching got to where they are because they have certain qualities. I don't think it's a good idea to swear at someone I'm dealing with.

Joe Biden is already sitting in the White House. What is your opinion on this president?

Biden is a multimillionaire today. Hunter Biden calls his father "The Big Guy" when he introduces him to his business partners in China, Iraq, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, France, Kazakhstan and other countries. "The Big Guy" is the term used by the mafia in America when extorting businesses for the "capo di tutti capi" (the mafia boss who participates in these dealings). Records of these deals can be found on Biden's laptop which was handed over by Paul Isaac to the FBI and discussed in detail on television in a debate with Tony Bobulinsky. The former US Navy officer was the CEO of a Hunter Biden’s company dealing with China and the owner of three iPhones where all discussions and transactions are recorded. Tony also had the honor of meeting Joe Biden directly at the Beverly Hilton in connection with Hunter’s Chinese business dealings at the time when he still was Obama's vice president. Hunter Biden collected $10 million from the Chinese for this mere business acquaintance with his father. Proof of money transfer exists. Daddy Biden's share as a "capo" was, of course, precisely specified in the company's articles of association. Bobulinsky objected that this was an illegal trade which is supposed to remain secret, Biden allegedly replied with a smile: "Believable deniability". Biden's gainful employment which involved the whole family, especially his sons and brother, is well known and has dragged on for decades. I don't think Biden will be able to stay in office for too long due to advanced dementia. I saw him on television several times last week, claiming that America has only 300 inhabitants.

Whole article: https://www.armadninoviny.cz/josef-masin-trump-byl-mimo-reagana-nejuspesnejsim-prezidentem-usa.html

J.Š. 27.2.2021

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+1 #1 Jan Šinagl 2021-02-28 08:34
The interview with Josef Mašín is excellent and corresponds to the truth.

I had to take a break from crazy US politics. But I continue to observe events. I don't know who actually leads the USA. But it's definitely not Biden. He is obviously demented. A puppet in the hands of others. He avoids reporters’ public questions. His Press Secretary often does not have answers to reporters’ questions. She doesn't know because she is hardly ever briefed by Biden.
I guess that he does not know what to brief her on. And when Biden occasionally takes a virtual stand in front of the microphone isolated from others, he reads from a script and still gets lost in the middle of the sentence, he starts stuttering something, searching for words that will not enter his mind. In the end, the listener does not know what Biden is talking about and what he wanted to say.

It is also clear that he does not have his own agenda. He just signs what someone else presents to him. He has already signed over fifty executive orders!!!

He does not ask Congress or the Senate even though Democrats have a majority in both houses and it would be easy for him to pass it through.

Trump signed four executive orders during the same period of time and Democrats called him a dictator! It is a common protocol that when the president signs an executive order, he turns the document over and shows publicly and for reporters and photographers what he has signed.

Biden, however, mumbles something into his mask (yes, he wears a mask behind his desk in the Oval Office) while signing and closes the document immediately and no one knows what he actually signed! I have the notion that he himself does not know or understands what he is truly signing.

His administration is a complete disaster. He simply put the same Obama and Hillary Clinton cronies and crooks to whom he owes for the election fraud into his high administration positions. Taking about quid pro quo Joe and the revolving door in the Washington D.C. Swamp.

In the meantime, Marxist Vice Harris is being primed on foreign affairs to conduct phone calls and meetings with foreign dignitaries on behalf of Joe. It appears that Joe is cognitively incapacitated to do that himself.

Thus, this man is holding the nuclear codes! Scarry? Think about it.

This is just the beginning. It is not clear to anyone how this demented and senile man (meanwhile he is called Bidet because everyone wipes his rear with him) will manage to stay in office for the next four years.

So, grab the popcorn and enjoy this insane road show.

Martin Sochor

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