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Putin Vladimir klukPutin Novaja Gazeta 1991Published: 14 November 2010

Published in Lidove noviny (LN), 5.1.1990 - This article is no longer available in the LN archive - not even on the Internet...?!

We received from Poland a remarkable text, the Russian version of which was found in the office of former Polish President Boleslaw Bierut. It contains directives from the Moscow headquarters of the KGB, sent to a cell of that organisation working at the Soviet embassy in Warsaw. They were written in 1947. The cold methodicalness with which the KGB prepared the country's complete subordination to the interests of the superpower must still raise eyebrows today. And it also raises the question: Did the KGB cell at the USSR embassy in Prague receive similar instructions? It is not impossible, some points of the instructions are too reminiscent of the main principles of the political practice of the Communist Party in the 1950s.

A Polish translation of the instructions was published in the September 2, 1989 issue of the U.S. magazine DZIENNIK ZWIAZKOVI (Zgoda), citing the text published in the Polish newspaper. The Czech text is as accurate as possible and, given what we know of the authors, we waive any claim to beauty of style.


  1. No field informants from among the natives may be received in the Embassy building. Meetings with these people are arranged by our special services in public places. Information is received by the Embassy through our Special Services.
  2. Particular care must be taken to ensure that there is no contact between our troops and the civilian population. It is unacceptable for members of our officer cadres to visit the natives in their homes, and equally unacceptable is the establishment of intercourse between our common soldiers and native women, the population, or native troops.
  3. To hasten the liquidation of the natives associated with the KPP, the PPS, the Waltherites, the KZMP, the AK, the .BCH (i.e., the Communist Party of Poland, the Polish Socialist Party, the Interbrigadists, the Communist Union of Polish Youth, the Home Army, the Peasant Battalions, and other associations, translator's note), which were formed without our instigation. To this end, to take advantage of the fact of armed opposition.
  4. To see to it that soldiers who, before joining the Kosciuszko army (the equivalent of our "freemen", translator's note), resided on our territory, are sent to all combat actions in the first place. To achieve their complete liquidation.
  5. To speed up the unification of all parties in one organization and to see that all key positions are filled by people confirmed by our special services.
  6. To merge all the youth organizations into one and fill the positions in it from the district leadership upwards with people confirmed by our special services. To eliminate known leaders of the Scout movement before the final merger.
  7. Arrange and see that delegates appointed to party conventions do not retain their seats for the full term of the party officers they have elected. In no case shall delegates call inter-company meetings. If there is no avoidance and such a meeting must be called, people who show activity in proposing concepts and making demands must be eliminated. Select new candidates for each subsequent convention, and only those who are singled out by our special services.
  8. Attention should be paid to people who have a sense of organization and who know how to gain popularity. Such people should be won over and if they refuse, not allowed to move up to higher positions.
  9. Ensure that government employees (except in security and mining) have small salaries. This applies especially to health, judiciary, education and leaders at all levels.
  10. Put people working with our special services (without the knowledge of local authorities) in all government departments and most factories.
  11. Pay special attention that the native press does not report the total quantities and types of goods exported to us. Also, it must not be called trade. Care should be taken to ensure that the press emphasises the quantities of goods we supply to the natives. It must be stated that this is in the context of trade.
  12. Exert influence on the native authorities so that purchasers of land, parcels and plots of land do not receive a document of ownership, but only of the grant.
  13. To pursue such a policy towards private farming that private farming becomes unprofitable and the returns are as low as possible. Then proceed to collectivise the countryside. If there is stronger opposition, the supply of the means of production should be reduced and compulsory supplies to the state increased. If this does not help, arrange that agriculture cannot fully cover the country's food consumption and cover the food supply with imports.
  14. To cause all decrees and regulations, whether legal, economic or organizational, to be precisely formulated.
  15. Cause several commissions, authorities, social institutions to be convened on each matter, but none of them shall have the right of final decision without consulting the others (not applicable to the mining industry).
  16. the enterprise governments must not have any influence on the activities of any enterprise. They may only be concerned with the manner in which they carry out the tasks assigned to them.
  17. Trade unions must not be allowed to resist the orders of the directorate. Keep the unions busy with other activities such as organizing recreation, dealing with applications for loans and pensions, entertainment and educational activities, excursions, distribution of scarce goods, confirming the views and decisions of the political leadership.
  18. Arrangements should be made to promote only those workers and leaders who perform their assigned tasks in an exemplary manner and are not inclined to analyze problems beyond the scope of their activities.
  19. Natives in party, state and economic positions must be given conditions for their activities that will compromise them in the eyes of their subordinates and make it impossible for them to return to their former environment.
  20. Officer cadres from the order of the natives may be given positions of responsibility on condition that they are already there by our special services.
  21. A quantity of ammunition for all kinds of weapons in every action arsenal and in every live fire must be kept under strict supervision.
  22. To keep under close surveillance all laboratories and scientific research institutes.

23 The activities of improvers and inventors should be carefully supervised, developed and encouraged, but all discoveries of discoveries should be thoroughly registered and records of them transmitted to headquarters. Allow for implementation only those inventions which are useful in the mining industry and for basic processing and those which are listed in a special instruction. Inventions which might contribute to an increase in production at the expense of reducing the extraction of raw materials or the performance of the activities ordered must not be implemented. In the case of discoveries which become known, arrange for their sale abroad. Do not allow disclosure of the value of inventions and their descriptions.

  1. To cause disturbances in the punctuality of transports (except for the transport specified in instruction NK 552 461).
  2. To inspire the convening of branch and problem councils, to collect suggestions and proposals there, to register their authors and to implement the instructions given in the instructions.
  3. To popularize interviews with workers on current production issues, interviews in which the past and local disorders will be criticized. However, do not allow the liquidation of the causes of the phenomena criticized.
  4. Public speeches by the indigenous leadership may contain national and historical accents, but must not lead to a unification of the national spirit.
  5. Watch carefully to see if there is a built-in water system in restored or newly built major cities and settlements that is not connected to the main network. Dispose of old water mains and street wells systematically.
  6. when renovating and building industrial buildings, ensure that industrial waste is diverted into rivers that could serve as drinking water reservoirs.
  7. Flats in reconstructed new towns and even new housing estates, must not have proper extra spaces where pets can be kept or food supplies can be accumulated for longer periods and in larger quantities.

31 Arrange for private manufacturing enterprises and artisans to receive raw materials and equipment that do not allow the production of quality goods. The prices of their products must be higher than similar items produced by the state.

  1. Cause the maximum expansion of office administration at all levels. Criticism of the activities of the administration may be admitted, but neither its diminution nor its proper functioning must be allowed.
  2. It is necessary to supervise all production plans in the mining industry as well as in enterprises marked with appropriate instructions and not to admit the action of the internal market.
  3. To subject the Church to watchful supervision and to direct educational activity so as to create a general aversion to this institution. Closely monitor and control the church's printing presses, archives, sermons, caroling, the content of religious instruction, as well as funeral rites.
  4. In elementary and vocational education, and especially in secondary and higher schools, arrange for the removal of teachers who enjoy general authority and popularity. In their places, appoint people to take their place. Cause the correlation between subjects to be broken, the publication of source materials to be restricted, and the teaching of Latin, Greek, general philosophy, logic and genetics to be abolished in secondary schools. History must not tell what any ruler did or wanted to do for the country; on the other hand, the tyranny of the kings and the struggles of the oppressed people must be pointed out. In vocational education, narrow specialization should be introduced.
  5. To inspire the organization of state artistic and sporting enterprises connected with the celebration of the struggle of the natives against the invaders (with the exception of the Russian), especially the Germans, and of the struggle for socialism.
  6. Not to admit in local publications works about the natives who resided in our country before the Revolution and during the Second World War.
  7. Should an organization arise which, while supporting union with our state, seeks to control the economic activities of the official leadership, a campaign should be launched immediately (independently of the local leadership) accusing this organization of nationalist and chauvinist tendencies. The forms of this activity: tearing down our monuments, destroying our cemeteries, publishing leaflets denigrating our nation, our culture, the meaning of the agreements made. Involve the natives in propaganda work and take advantage of the existing hatred towards us.
  8. To take care of the building and restoration of bridges, roads and communications so that in the event of a necessary military intervention it will be possible to reach quickly and from all sides the place of resistance or concentration of opposition forces.
  9. To see that political opponents are arrested. Work out opponents who enjoy authority among the natives. Eliminate them in so-called random events before they become known, or arrest them for criminal offences beforehand.
  10. Do not allow the rehabilitation of persons convicted in political trials. If rehabilitation is unavoidable, it can only be carried out on condition that the matter is labelled as a miscarriage of justice without retrial and the calling of the perpetrators of the miscarriage of justice (judges, witnesses, prosecutors and informers).
  11. Not to send to court people in leadership positions occupied by the Party who have caused losses or caused dissatisfaction among subordinates by their actions. In drastic situations, they should be removed from office and transferred to another position of equal or higher rank. In extreme situations, place them in positions of leadership and count them as a cadre reserve for later change.
  12. Publicly announce trials of people in high positions (military, ministries, main offices, education) who have been accused of activities against the interests of the people, against socialism, against industrialization. This will mobilize the vigilance of the working masses.
  13. It will take care to replace people in work positions and replace and replace them with untrained workers with the least qualifications.
  14. To ensure that there is an influx of people coming from the lowest strata of society into the universities who are not interested in improving their skills but only in acquiring a diploma.

(Translated by Eva Bezděková (transcribed for the Internet by Jan Šinágl)


Scary reading, isn't it?! Do you think that the "transformed" Communist Party of Czechoslovakia has changed and with it its goals?! It is not for nothing that their former chairman, the son of a communist, sadistic bastard and current MP Miroslav Grebenicek says: "WE HAVE TIME". It is disgraceful that the Communists can still exist in our country at all, and even more disgraceful that they can still operate in both houses of Parliament - no doubt still in the sense of many of the above-mentioned KGB instructions - with the effective help of many former members of other political parties, offices and large companies. Communism and its aims can never change. There is only one communism, a criminal one, which only looks mild when it is not in power.

Unless the state prevents the ongoing, massive theft of state assets and budgets, there will never be enough funds for mandated spending. This should be made clear to the citizens as soon as possible, on the upcoming 21st anniversary of November '89, to the almost unchanging ruling establishment. Its legacy calls for it. Otherwise, the obscene prosperity on credit will soon and quickly come to an end - to the delight of the communists and their allied left. Another snap election is increasingly likely, or inevitable - if we are still worth anything. I believe that YES! 

Jan Šinágl, 14.11.2010





Jan Šinágl, 25.2.2022

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