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Consul dr. Jana Chaloupková

  • The Czech Foreign Ministry in Riyadh did not help its diplomat, he died. Refuses to compensate survivors

    Dubovský PetrDubovsky Petr rodinaJan Lipavský: "The Czech Republic has come a long way since the Velvet Revolution. We are a free, adult and self-confident democracy. In the 1990s, people wanted a better world, and we must strive for it now. It would be disrespectful to resign ourselves to the ideals of the Velvet Revolution and believe that there is nothing left to improve."

    About two months after his death, his wife asked then Secretary of State Miroslav Stasek (now the Czech ambassador to the US) why there was no press release or press coverage of the death of diplomat Petr Dubovec? His answer: 'In the case of deaths of diplomats, the MFA does not react in any way and no news is issued'. In that case, he was probably the only great diplomat in the world, if we exclude totalitarian and undemocratic regimes. The attitude of the Czech Embassy in Riyadh was scandalous and inhuman. By the way, after his death, information about the death of Czech diplomats was always made public?! President Petr Pavel will also be informed about this scandal.

    In the video below, his wife, Ms Lenka Dubovcová, describes the shocking facts. Of course, she meant the Foreign Service Act, not the Civil Service Act.

    A lawsuit was filed against the MFA of the Czech Republic and two hearings were held. The judge was promoted, the case is back to square one. The public will be informed about the further course of action. The public media has shown no interest in the case. Why is that? You'll understand after watching the video. The demonstrators in November 89, 34 years later, never imagined such criminal conditions.

    I suppose that the MFA of the Czech Republic will ask the police to issue an international arrest warrant for my person so that I cannot disturb the speech of Minister Lipavsky by my mere presence, as was the case on the 7th. November in Vienna. Neither the Director of the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, Mr. Emil Brix, nor Minister Jan Lipavsky have yet replied to my letters. The struggle for freedom of speech and the public's right to information has its price - some are prosecuted by the police, others by their own fear. JŠ

    Full Article in Czech>



    The Czech Embassy in Vienna called in the Austrian police so that Šinágl would not "disturb" the speech of Minister Lipavský

    Ondřej Kašina Episode 4: We are facing a deep crisis. Perhaps it will wake up our elites, but also the silent majority. Forward to the past

    Part VII of the Czech-Marocco gate series continued - STB methods of liquidation of non-corrupt persons in the MFA of the Czech Republic

  • The Czech Republic must take significant steps to enforce its foreign bribery laws, but demonstrates commitment to improve

    22/06/2017 – The Czech Republic must strengthen its efforts to detect, investigate and prosecute foreign bribery.  Seventeen years after ratifying the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, the Czech Republic has yet to prosecute a case involving the bribery of foreign public officials. This is a cause for concern, especially considering the export-oriented nature of the Czech economy, which includes high-risk sectors for bribery including machinery and defence materials. A new OECD report therefore focuses on identifying solutions to meet these challenges.

    The Working Group on Bribery has just completed its Phase 4 evaluation on the Czech Republic’s implementation of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions and related instruments. The report highlights the Czech Republic’s strong determination to improve its system for combating foreign bribery. It also identifies several law enforcement practices or tools employed by the Czech Republic that could potentially increase foreign bribery enforcement, including: detecting allegations through foreign requests for legal assistance, the use of non-financial forms of evidence, joint investigative teams with foreign authorities, and central registries for bank accounts and beneficial ownership information.  The report also makes recommendations to:

  • The diplomat violated good manners, the state paid an extra 420.000,-Kč, all right? How many such examples of misuse of public money remain hidden from the public? The communist parties' descendants still control the MFA of the Czech Republic

    Havrlikova PavlaStasek Miroslav velvyslanec CR v USA 2022The results of the audit were handed over to the police in the past. In the end, criminal investigators assessed that the purchase of overpriced tickets was not a criminal offence and returned the matter to the Ministry to investigate whether there had been a breach of internal regulations.

    "The MFA's investigation did not prove that such a violation had occurred," the ministry said. The ministry did not specify the reason for which the office eventually shelved the case, saying that "the MFA does not publish the results of internal controls." Pay I the state  hundreds of thousands of crowns in fines for freedom of speech, only to have its employees "squander it" in this way, going unpunished when no one is personally responsible for anything? That's how it was under the communists...

    In this context, I would like to remind you of the letterof Jan Lipavský, MP for the Pirates, today's Foreign Minister, to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš regarding the appointment of Adam Vojtěch as Czech Ambassador to Finland, dated 18 February 2021. It is a custom in other countries that diplomatic "trafikas" are also given to former politicians or soldiers. The problem is if their character and professional abilities are not a priority (remember, for example, the Czech ambassador to Slovakia, Livia Klausová, daughter of the war criminal during the Slovak state, Stefan Miština).   

  • The MFA of the Czech Republic is a moral cesspool, suicidally corrupted ...

    Ne pane ministre avers 2023Ne pane ministre revers 2023On 31.10.2023, I attended the launch of the book "NO, Mister Minister" by the long-time diplomat Ondrej Kashina in the café Božská hlavice in Prague. It was packed. I can only recommend the audio recordingof the whole event - it's hard for words to penetrate the (in)dependent media. The discussion was also attended by František Koukolík (Czech neuropathologist, columnist and recipient of the Knight of the Czech Medical State award) and Jiří Balvín, former Director General of CT. The book is a novel with changed names. It was clear to those present what it was about. I have made several interventions in the debate and raised other important issues. The book also writes in detail about corrupt visa deals in Vietnam. Similarly, visas for the Schengen area were traded in Morocco.

    Bozska lahvice panel I 31.10.2023Bozska lahvice verejnost 31.10.2023

    I also contacted the Director of the MFA Department, who was asked to help me get a carg after the sudden recall of the Consul from Morocco, Dr. Jana Chaloupkova. It had been blocked for 10 months in Morocco by Ambassador V. Lorenc. She could have approached the Moroccan Embassy in Prague to help with the transport without the need for help from the Czech Embassy, which did not want to communicate with the carrier. The director acknowledged that it was an incredibly long time, but then she inquired somewhere and everything was different. The reason why the MFA could not help was supposed to be the proximity of Lorence and President Zeman.

  • Three deaths of Zeman's favourites in five months...

    MZV CR logo 1"Find the limit of work", writes Minister Lipavsky to diplomats...

    In five months, the Foreign Ministry has been rocked by three sudden and untimely deaths of high-ranking Czech diplomats - "on duty" and in high-profile destinations. The office is considering a new regulation of working conditions under the Foreign Service Act. Access to psychological care for diplomats and their families is also to be improved.

    The Czernin Palace has faced unprecedented pressure, especially from President Miloš Zeman and his entourage, which has accompanied the Castle's efforts to reverse the focus of foreign policy - from the West to the East and towards authoritarian regimes. Full article>

    As a side note, the diplomat Jana Hybášková was caught drunk driving - and promoted. The brilliant diplomat Dr. Jana Chaloupková, who refused to behave in a way that was not in accordance with the rules, was literally thrown out of the MFA on the street. All this after many years of successful diplomatic work for our country (knowledge of 12 foreign languages).

  • Travellers Share Most “Nonsense” Reasons They Have Received for Their Rejected Schengen Visa Application

    Passports with a Schengen visaAfter almost two years of closed borders, travellers are now more invested than ever to travel, experience new places, and realize the travel plans that they had put on hold for such a long time, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

    Travellers to the 26 Schengen Area countries who need a Schengen visa to be eligible to enter, however, day by day, are more likely to face another hassle, that of having their visa application rejected. In 2021 the rejection rate of Schengen visa applications worldwide reached its peak, with 13.4 per cent out of the total number of travellers receiving a negative response in their application.

    According to Schengen Visa Info, there are 12 reasons for which visa applications are rejected most frequently, including here a criminal past of the applicant, a damaged passport, the invalidity of one of the documents submitted, and insufficient financial means to support travel, etc.

    Morocco is also among the countries that have experienced a steep increase in the number of rejected visas year by year, from 15.3 per cent of applications being rejected in 2017 to 18 per cent in 2018, 20.5 per cent in 2019, 23.6 per cent in 2020, and as many as 27.6 per cent in 2021. Full Artycle>

  • V. Épisode : la série Czech-Maroccogate continue - tout le monde est déjà au Mexique... pardon, aux États-Unis

    Prelovsek Damjan

    Mise à jour 3.10.2023:Discussion. Nous avons besoin d'un ambassadeur en Russie - Mon commentaire. Sa femme a été promue pour conduite en état d'ivresse. La diplomate Jana Chaloupková (20 ans de diplomatie, 12 langues) a été licenciée pour son travail honnête dans le style des années 1950. Hybášková couvre la corruption et les crimes par son inaction et son silence. Son mari ne peut pas ne pas le savoir, mais il est d'accord pour prêcher les bonnes manières - hypocrites ou psychopathes ? (Seznam.cz 3.10.2023) - ČRoPlus (1.10.2023 17:15) Sénateur Pavel Fischer, président de la commission des affaires étrangères, de la défense et de la sécurité. Il a de bonnes paroles, mais c'est tout. Il a refusé de s'occuper de cette affaire, disant qu'elle n'était "pas du ressort de la commission", mais que la Slovaquie l'était ? Encore un hypocrite qui s'occupe de sa bonne maison. Il ne répond plus à mes informations répétées, pas plus que le président de la commission de la sécurité, Pavel Žáček (qui ne répond pas du tout). Tous les médias restent silencieux sur cette affaire, la question est de savoir combien de temps encore ? Les gouvernements polonais, allemand et italien ont été informés. La République tchèque est plus impliquée dans ses problèmes de réfugiés qu'elle ne le pense, y compris le public. Le ministre Ministre tchèque de l'intérieur Vít Rakušan a déclaré aujourd'hui : "Nous essayons activement, avec les autorités de l'UE, de résoudre le problème de l'immigration". Il devrait s'adresser en premier lieu au ministère tchèque des affaires étrangères... L'administration de l'État s'effondre, son incompétence devient de plus en plus évidente. La liberté d'expression et le droit du public à l'information ont un prix - Pression de l'État sur les médias pour qu'ils déclassifient leurs sources. Un journaliste français se retrouve en détention.


    Damjan Prelovšek - historien de l'art et expert en architecture moderne, spécialiste de l'œuvre de l'architecte Jože Plečnik, ambassadeur de Slovénie en République tchèque de 1998 à 2002, membre de l'Académie européenne des sciences et des arts, écrivain et photographe.


    En réponse à la visite d'Ursula von der Leyen à Prague et au scandale actuel des visas en Pologne, nous modifions le sujet de la 5e partie de ce numéro. Le Premier ministre Petr Fiala a déclaré lors d'une rencontre avec Ursula von der Leyen, chef de la Commission européenne, à Prague : "Nous sommes prêts à participer à la protection de la frontière extérieure de l'UE. Notre objectif doit être d'empêcher les gens d'entrer en Europe, d'empêcher les passeurs d'être actifs".

  • V. Folge: Tschechisch-Maroccogate-Serie geht weiter - alle sind schon in Mexiko...sorry, in den USA

    Prelovsek Damjan

    Update 3.10.2023: Diskussion. Wir brauchen einen Botschafter in Russland - Mein Kommentar. Seine Frau wurde wegen Trunkenheit am Steuer befördert. Die Diplomatin Dr. Jana Chaloupková (20 Jahre in der Diplomatie, 12 Sprachen) wurde für ihre ehrliche Arbeit im Stil der 1950er Jahre entlassen. Hybášková vertuscht Korruption und Verbrechen durch Untätigkeit und Schweigen. Ihr Mann muss es wissen, aber es ist ihm recht, gute Manieren zu predigen - Heuchler oder Psychopathen?" (Seznam.cz 3.10.2023) - ČRoPlus (1.10.2023 17:15) Senator Pavel Fischer, Vorsitzender des Ausschusses für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, Verteidigung und Sicherheit. Er kann gut reden, aber das ist auch schon alles. Er hat sich geweigert, sich mit diesem Fall zu befassen, mit der Begründung, es sei "keine Angelegenheit des Ausschusses", aber die Slowakei schon? Ein weiterer Heuchler, der sich um sein gutes Haus kümmert. Er antwortet nicht mehr auf meine wiederholten Informationen, ebenso wenig wie der Vorsitzende des Sicherheitsausschusses, Pavel Žáček (der überhaupt nicht antwortet). Alle Medien schweigen noch immer zu diesem Fall, die Frage ist, wie lange noch? Die Regierungen von Polen, Deutschland und Italien wurden informiert. Die Tschechische Republik ist mehr in ihre Flüchtlingsprobleme verwickelt, als sie wissen, auch die Öffentlichkeit. Der tschechische Innenminister Vít Rakušan sagte heute: "Wir versuchen aktiv, gemeinsam mit den EU-Behörden, das Migrationsproblem zu lösen." Er sollte es in erster Linie mit dem tschechischen Außenministerium besprechen...Die Verwaltung des Staates bricht zusammen, ihre Inkompetenz wird immer deutlicher. Meinungsfreiheit und das Recht der Öffentlichkeit auf Information haben ihren Preis - Staatlicher Druck auf Medien, Quellen zu deklassieren. Französischer Journalist landet in Untersuchungshaft.


    Dr. Damjan Prelovšek - Kunsthistoriker und Experte für moderne Architektur, Spezialist für das Werk des Architekten Jože Plečnik, Botschafter Sloweniens in der Tschechischen Republik 1998-2002, Mitglied der Europäischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und Künste, Schriftsteller und Fotograf


    Als Reaktion auf den Besuch von Ursula von der Leyen in Prag und den aktuellen Visaskandal in Polen ändern wir das Thema des 5. Teils dieser Ausgabe. Premierminister Petr Fiala sagte jetzt bei einem Treffen mit EU-Kommissionschefin Ursula von der Leyen in Prag: "Wir sind bereit, uns am Schutz der EU-Außengrenzen zu beteiligen. Unser Ziel muss es sein, zu verhindern, dass Menschen überhaupt nach Europa kommen und dass Menschenschmuggler aktiv werden."

  • V. PART: Czech-Maroccogate series continues - everyone is already in Mexico...sorry, in the USA

    Prelovsek Damjan

    Update 3.10.2023:Discussion. We need an ambassador in Russia - My comment. His wife was promoted for drunk driving. Diplomat Dr. Jana Chaloupková (20 years in diplomacy, 12 languages) was fired for her honest work in the style of the 1950s. Hybášková covers up corruption and crimes with inaction and silence. Her husband can't not know it, but he's fine with preaching good manners - hypocrites or psychopaths?" (Seznam.cz 3.10.2023) - ČRoPlus (1.10.2023 17:15) Senator Pavel Fischer, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security. He can talk a good game, but that's all. He has refused to deal with this case, saying it is "not a committee matter" but Slovakia is? Another hypocrite looking after his good home. He no longer responds to my repeated information, nor does the chairman of the Security Committee, Pavel Žáček (who does not respond at all). All the media are still silent about this case, the question is how much longer? The governments of Poland, Germany and Italy have been informed. The Czech Republic is more involved in their refugee problems than they know, including the public. The Czech Interior Minister Vít Rakušan said today: 'We are actively trying, together with the EU authorities, to solve the migration problem.' He should address it primarily with the Czech Foreign Ministry...The administration of the state is collapsing, its incompetence is becoming increasingly apparent. Freedom of speech and the public's right to information come at a price - State pressure on media to declassify sources. French journalist ends up in detention.


    Dr. Damjan Prelovšek - art historian and expert on modern architecture, specialist on the work of architect Jože Plečnik, Ambassador of Slovenia to the Czech Republic 1998-2002, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, writer and photographer.


    In response to Ursula von der Leyen's visit to Prague and the current visa scandal in Poland, we are changing the topic of the 5th part of this issue. Prime Minister Petr Fiala has now said during a meeting with European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen in Prague: 'We are ready to participate in the protection of the EU's external border. Our goal must be to prevent people from going to Europe at all, to prevent human smugglers from being active."

  • Will Czech Defence Minister Černochová be "shot" like her predecessors Peake, Parkanová and Šlechtová?

    Excerpt from an interview with Jana Černochová for Právo (1 June): "When I became a minister, the Military Intelligence informed me about the investigation of several members of the army. It was quite a big corruption case and involved several colonels." Gosh, the reader will think, the army is getting pretty sticky. But it doesn't get information on how many people and what they were involved in. All he knows is that this is the version on which the minister bases her high personnel powers. Does she feel the influence of Russian intelligence? "Yes, I feel it greatly," but "for security reasons I will not be specific."

    "They attacked me at the exact moment I went up in the air."